Friday, October 31, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors: Next To Go Florida Marlins

Now that 1B Mike Jacobs has been dealt, AA 1B Gaby Sanchez will be given the 1B job. He has always hit well in the minors with a dose of speed (17 steals last year). Sanchez won't hit as many HRs as Jacobs, but he could be more valuable overall with a higher AVG and 10+ steals.

Next to go, and open up fantasy opportunities?

Florida Marlins trade Mike Jacobs for relief |

"The Marlins, who will increase their payroll from $22 million to the $35 million range, also are expected to deal reliever Kevin Gregg. Matt Lindstrom is expected to replace Gregg as the Marlins' closer, with Nuñez in the mix as a set-up man."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors: Brian Roberts

With free agency opening in two weeks, expect trade rumors to begin circulating about Baltimore Orioles 2B Brian Roberts. He is a 2009 free agent and the Orioles would be expected to entetain offers for him just as the team did last winter. However, this article from this morning's Baltimore Sun may nix those rumors.

Markakis, Roberts still high on O's to-do list --

"Roberts has said he wouldn't be interested in having contract talks once spring training begins. That's why it was expected this offseason that the Orioles would gauge Roberts' interest in staying long-term and entertain trade talks if a deal couldn't be reached. A number of teams, including several clubs that expressed interest in Roberts in the past, are looking to acquire a second baseman. But MacPhail said the Orioles' focus is to retain Roberts, not trade him."

With C Matt Wieters and SPs Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz close to joining the O's, retaining Roberts seems more plausible than it did last winter. The O's could be competitive in 2010.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors: Mike Jacobs To Kansas City | 10/28/2008 | Royals notebook: Jacobs remains on radar; Moore spikes Teahen trade rumor:

"That search could lead back to Florida, which continues to seek an acceptable return for Jacobs after talks with the Royals apparently stalled over health concerns regarding minor-league pitcher Carlos Rosa.

The Marlins have payroll issues and are also pitching Jacobs, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, to Toronto and Seattle."

Wow, when news broke last week in the Miami Herald that the Royals and Marlins had a trade for Jacobs break down because of a medical issue with a minor league pitcher, I never thought it would be one as good as Rosa. Now, I have to think an arbitration-eligible 1B with a sub-.300 OBP will fetch a much better package than I would have imagined.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors: Mark Teahen To Cleveland | 10/26/2008 | Royals exploring deal to send Teahen to Indians for outfielder

Last night, MLB Home Plate reported Royals' GM Dayton Moore unequivocally denied there was any truth to the Mark Teahen trade rumor. Whether Teahen offers an upgrade at 3B to internal or external options isn't so important as the fact this is the second trade rumor floated that involved the Kansas City Royals. The first involved Florida Marlins' 1B Mark Jacobs (whether he reps an upgrade to Kia Ka'aahuie is more debatable.)

The signal I receive is the Royals are going to try an advance its rebuilding by acquiring proven major leaguers with a couple/few years of control. The Royals offense was putrid, and there doesn't appear to be help on the way at the upper levels of the organization.

Monday, October 27, 2008

MLB Trade Rumors: Matt Holliday

ROCKIES LOOK TO TRADE THEIR STAR LEFT FIELDER - New York Post: "The Rockies have informed teams that left fielder Matt Holliday has joined fellow NL West standout Jake Peavy of the Padres as available. An executive who speaks regularly to Colorado officials described the Rockies as very motivated to do a deal."

This means there is going to be a full-time job opening in Coors field! Right now, I'm betting Ryan Spilborghs will get a $10-$20 boost in NL-Only leagues. CF Dexter Fowler is the sexier pick.

I'd be happy to lose on Spilborghs at $20, Fowler at $15 and take a $5 flyer on Seth Smith.