Friday, February 29, 2008

AL-Only 4x4 Auction Values

Here are the Top 20 AL-Only draft values for a 4x4 format using Baseball Prospectus' Player Forecast Manager. I expect Scott Kazmir wouldn't go for $28 any longer, but that could just be the scaredy cat in me talking.

Rodriguez Alex3B40
Sizemore GradyCF33
Roberts Brian2B32
Crawford CarlLF32
Sabathia C.c.SP32
Upton B.J.3B31
Ortiz DavidDH30
Kinsler Ian2B29
Kazmir ScottSP28
Putz J.J.RP27
Granderson CurtisCF26
Rivera MarianoRP26
Cabrera Miguel3B26
Hunter ToriiCF26
Rios AlexisRF25
Figgins Chone3B/CF25
Beckett JoshSP25
Papelbon JonathanRP25
Pena Carlos1B25

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mock Al-Only 4x4 Draft

I set-up a mock AL-Only 4x4 auction draft on Fantasy Auctioneer. I've never done this but if you want to practive click through and sign-up.

Here is the link.

Day 32 And Counting

There does not appear to be good AL- and NL-Only auction league values readily available. Using Baseball Prospectus' Player Forecast Manager, I calculated the NL-only values for a 4x4 non-keeper league. There is an option for inflation-adjusted ones for keeper leagues, but those are necessarily league specific.

If you want to see what those look like for a deep AL-only keeper league, go over to Fake Teams for an example.

Santana JohanSP46
Reyes JoseSS42
Peavy JakeSP39
Soriano AlfonsoLF36
Ramirez HanleySS36
Braun RyanLF35
Young ChrisCF33
Smoltz JohnSP32
Wright David3B32
Holliday MattLF30
Howard Ryan1B29
Webb BrandonSP29
Hamels ColeSP29
Rollins JimmySS28
Dunn AdamLF28
Pujols Albert1B27
Fielder Prince1B27
Hart CoreyRF27
Beltran CarlosCF26
Harang AaronSP25

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AL-only 5x5 Rotisserie auction

There will always be challenges finding mock drafts in the traditional 4x4 format that Rotisserie baseball was founded on. The best I have been able to find is 5x5.

Here is an AL-only auction draft. With Joe Mauer available in my AL-only 4x4, I was curious to see how much this 2007 single-digit HR & SB catcher went for. The answer? $23.

Another catcher available in my AL-only league is Victor Martinez. He went for $30. Mauer may be about right in a 30+% inflation league like my AL-only, but VMart is going to go for more than $30. Analysts League (AL) - Draft prep: AL-only 5x5 Rotisserie auction

Tuesday, February 26, 2008 Prospects: Rankings: Top 100 Prospects: Top 100 Prospects Prospects: Rankings: Top 100 Prospects: Top 100 Prospects: No. 1-20

They're up and not behind the subscriber wall. Joba Chamberlain comes in at #3 overall, and the Yankees want him to be a middle reliever. What if he stays in that role all season? Will the Rule of 30 prevent him from being a starter in 2009?

Rules-of-thumb followed rigidly is not a wise course.

Day 33 And Counting

Here are the NL outfields ranked by average ADP of the three starters. NOTE: Fukudome did not have an ADP so i assigned him one the equal of Ryan Freel.

1COLMatt Holliday5Willy Taveras83Brad Hawpe3842
2HOUCarlos Lee16Michael Bourn103Hunter Pence3350.7
3MLWRyan Braun11Mike Cameron112Corey Hart3251.7
4LADJuan Pierre51Andruw Jones46Matt Kemp6253
5AZJustin Upton119Chris Young27Eric Byrnes2456.7
6CINAdam Dunn23Ryan Freel163Ken Griffey7286
7PITJason Bay41Nate McLouth114Xavier Nady13195.3
8PHIPat Burrell70Shane Victorino52Geoff Jenkins200107.3
9NYMMoises Alou109Carlos Beltran13Ryan Church207109.7
10CHCAlfonso Soriano8Kosuke Fukudome163Felix Pie214128.3
11FLAJosh Willingham100Cameron Maybin201Jeremy Hermida90130.3
12SFDave Roberts169Aaron Rowand73Randy Winn161134.3
13ATLMatt Diaz143Mark Kotsay213Jeff Francoeur53136.3
14WASWily Mo Pena166Lastings Milledge183Austin Kearns155168
15STLRick Ankiel123Chris Duncan133Brian Barton287181
16SDJim Edmonds175Scott Hairston274Brian Giles234227.7

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fantasy Sleeper - John Bowker

Giants outfield prospect one step from majors - San Jose Mercury News

Within this article is news of a possible Giants' sleeper, John Bowker. He hit 22 HRs playing for AA Norwich, 16 of which were hit away from the unfriendly confines of Dodd Stadium. With a season in the AAA Pacific League, do not be surprised to see Bowker amongst the top fantasy prospects intra-season.

There is also word that current favorite to start at 1B in San Fran, Dan Ortmeier, added 15 lbs of muscle working out with Rockies' RF Brad Hawpe. Hopefully, it doesn't sap his speed.

Day 34 And Counting

I use Mock Draft Central for my ADP information. Unfortunately, the fantasy baseball industry is dominated by 5x5 mixed leagues. However, there is some AL- and NL-only information. Here is are the best AL starting outfields for fantasy baseball.

1TBCarl Crawford3B.J. Upton8Rocco Baldelli9234.3
2LAATorii Hunter29Garret Anderson87Vladimir Guerrero741
3NYYJohnny Damon55Bobby Abreu17Melky Cabrera9355
4BOSManny Ramirez14Jacoby Ellsbury62J.D. Drew10761
5DETCurtis Granderson9Magglio Ordonez16Jacque Jones17265.7
6TORReed Johnson158Vernon Wells34Alex Rios1067.3
7SEAIchiro Suzuki6Raul Ibanez65Brad Wilkerson18986.7
8MINDelmon Young53Carlos Gomez164Michael Cuddyer7998.7
9CSXJermaine Dye45Nick Swisher42Carlos Quentin214100.3
10BALNick Markakis28Luke Scott168Adam Jones155117
11KCMark Teahen124David DeJesus130Jose Guillen110121.3
12CLEGrady Sizemore4David Dellucci237Franklin utierrez145128.7
13TEXMilton Bradley163Josh Hamilton96Marlon Byrd188149
14OAKTravis Buck162Jack Cust149Ryan weeney264191.7

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baseball Prospectus - Ross Detwiler

Baseball Prospectus | Articles | Every Given Sunday: A New Angel in the Outfield: "The Nationals are considering keeping left-hander Ross Detwiler, their first-round draft pick last year, on the major league roster as a reliever to start the season."

I've got a $1 or $2 set aside for him if true.

Day 35 And Counting

"Down On The Friday" also had Mike Rizzo, the Director of Player Development for the Washington Nationals as a guest. In addition to speaking highly of Collin Ballester (listed below), he also mentioned last year's 1st round pick Ross Detwiler.

He made a cameo last September with the Nats and do not be surprised to see him again in 2008. As a power lefty, he a a player that all fantasy leaguers should watch.

NYMOFCarlos Gomez
PHILHPJosh Outman
ATLOFJosh Anderson
WASRHPCollin Balester
FLARHPGaby Hernandez
CHCCGeovany Soto
MLWLHPManny Parra
CINRHPHomer Bailey
STLRHPChris Perez
HOURHPFelipe Paulino
PIT1B/OFSteve Pearce
LAD3BAndy Laroche
AZRHPMax Scherzer
SD3BChase Headley
COLLHPFranklin Morales
SFOFNate Schierholtz

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 36 And Counting

On his Friday XM Radio show, Down On The Farm Friday, John Sickels has the Rangers' Director of Player Development, Scott Servais, as a guest. Servais said something that should make all AL-only 4x4 players pay attention.

In a discussion on 2005 1st round pick John Mayberry Jr., Servais said the team expects him to be in the majors in the second half of this season. With 30 HR and 16 SB between High A and AA in 2007 and the Rangers' unsettled OF situation, Mayberry could be that second half injury replacement we all hope for.

With Al rookies in mind, he is a list of those by Baseball America from their 2008 Prospect Book.

NYYRHPJoba Chamberlain
BOSOFJacoby Ellsbury
TORLHPDave Purcey
TB3BEvan Longoria
BALLHPTroy Patton
DETRHPYorman Bazardo
CLERHPMasahide Kobayashi
CSXLHPGio Gonzalez
KCRHPLuke Hochevar
MINRHPNick Blackburn
LAASS/3BBrandon Wood
SEACJeff Clement
TEXLHPLuis Mendoza
OAK1BDaric Barton

Friday, February 22, 2008

Giants' Closer For This Year And Beyond?

Brian Wilson aims to pick up where he left off:

"Wilson, who turns 26 on March 16 and possesses the requisite assortment of hard stuff common to most closers, is viewed as a potential mainstay beyond this year."

If true, Wilson should be ticked upwards in keeper leagues.

Day 37 And Counting

I recently completed an NL-Only Mock Draft. Here are the results for the 1st two rounds.

R11TradeJuanPierreHanley RamirezSSFLA
R13buzz BuzzDavid Wright3BNYM
R14It's Your TurnAlbert Pujols1BSTL
R15Salty F. BiscuitsJohan SantanaSPNYM
R16FireDustyBakerJimmy RollinsSSPHI
R17Rajai Davis' HuskiesMatt HollidayOFCOL
R18The Natural LightsChase Utley2BPHI
R19League ChampsAlfonso SorianoOFCHC
R110sporksRyan Howard1BPHI
R111yankeesuckBrandon Phillips2BCIN
R112Danny BonaducePrince Fielder1BMIL
R213Danny BonaduceRyan Braun3BMIL
R214yankeesuckCarlos LeeOFHOU
R215sporksCarlos BeltranOFNYM
R216League ChampsJake PeavySPSD
R217The Natural LightsMark Teixeira1BATL
R218Rajai Davis' HuskiesLance Berkman1BOF
R219FireDustyBakerRussell MartinCLA
R220Salty F. BiscuitsAramis Ramirez3BCHC
R221It's Your TurnDerrek Lee1BCHC
R222buzz BuzzAdam DunnOFCIN
R223STARSBrandon WebbSPARI
R224TradeJuanPierreBrian McCannCATL

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 38 And Counting

NL-Only SP Draft Values:
$30+Johan SantanaJake PeavyBrandon Webb 
$23-29Dan HarenJohn SmoltzCarlos ZambranoAaron Harang
 Roy Oswalt   
$15-22Ian SnellBrad PennyChris YoungCole Hamels
 Ted LillyRich HillJohn MaineOliver Perez
 Pedro MartinezBrett Myers  
$8-$14Ben SheetsAdam WainwrightJeff FrancisMatt Cain
 Tim LincecumDerek LoweChad BillingsleyTom Gorzelany
 Yovanni GallardoTim HudsonTom GlavineRandy Johnson
 Greg Maddux   
$1-7Shawn HillScott OlsenWandy RodriguezHomer Bailey
 Sergio MitreAndrew MillerManny ParraBronson Arroyo
 Franklin MoralesBarry ZitoKevin CorreiaMicah Owings
 Jeff SuppanOrlando HernandezJamie MoyerKyle Kendrick

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Five Things You Don't Know About Me

To continue the meme started by Brock for Broglio, here are five things you do not know about me.

1. I listen to hours of XM Radio everyday. My ten A presets are MLB Homeplate, XM Sports Nation, da Boneyard, Fox News, XM Comedy, The Rhyme, The 80s, Fox News Talk, Top 20 on 20 and ESPN Radio. The B and C presets are all the MLB Play-By-Play stations.

2. Of the three books I've read since X-mas, only Ken Follet's The Pillars of Earth is worth mentioning. I'm currently trying to read Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism but find it much deeper than I can get into with fantasy baseball upon us.

3. The four TV shows I watch each week are Lost, Celebrity Rehab, Brett Michael's Rock of Love II and Scot Baio is 46 - and Pregnant! When regular programing resumes, I'll add The Office and 30 Rock, likely on the internet, and HBO's Big Love. Watching sports doesn't count.

4. When I think of fantasy analysis, I recall the professor from my Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management class who said if Wall Street's model doesn't give the result it wants, Wall St. just change it until it does. Player projections are often like that.

5. UCONN basketball rules!

I tag Fantasy Baseball Mafia

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 40 And Counting

AL-Only SP Draft Values:

$30+Josh BeckettErik Bedard  
$23-29Roy HalladayScott KazmirJustin VerlanderCC Sabathia
 John LackeyDaisuke MatzusakaFelix Hernandez 
$15-22Chien-Ming WangGil MecheFrancisco LirianoAJ Burnett
 James ShieldsJeremy BondermanFausto CarmonaJavier Vazquez
 Kelvim EscobarDontrell Willis  
$8-$14Jeremy GuthrieMark BeurhleJoe BlantonAndy Pettitte
 Zach GreinkePhil HughesDustin McGowanMatt Garza
 Jon GarlandJoba ChamberlainClay BuchholzJon Lester
 Shaun MarcumJered Weaver  
$1-7Kevin MillwoodDaniel CabreraScott BakerVincente Padilla
 Rich HardinTim WakefieldTroy PattonJake Westbrook
 Jose ContrerasBrian BannisterJarrod WashburnBrandon McCarthy
 Chad GaudinIan KennedyLenny Di NardoAndy Sonnastine
 Kenny RogersNate RobertsonKevin SloweyBoof Bonser
 Miguel BatistaCarlos Silva  

Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 41 And Counting

NL-Only Back-Up Closer Draft values
$8-$14Jon RauchBobby HowryCarlos MarmolJonathan Broxton
 Tony Pena   
$1-7Aaron HeilmanTom GordonPete MoylanMatt Linstrom
 Derek TurnbowDave RiskeDave WeathersRuss Springer
 Oscar VillarealDamaso MarteChad QuallsHeath Bell
 Tyler WalkerBrad HennesseyBrian Fuentes 

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Here are the finalists. Click over to Fake Teams to vote.

1. Itchy Buchholz
2. Ask the Court for Clemensy
3. Murderer's Roto
4. If I Olney Had A Brain
5. Always Wear Clean Hunter Pence

Day 42 And Counting

AL-Only Back-up Closers Draft values

$8-$14Joba ChamberlainBJ RyanAl ReyesRafael Betancourt
 Octavio DotelPat NeshekScot ShieldsBrandon Morrow
 Alan Embree   
$1-7Hideki OkajimaManny DelcarmenKyle FarnsworthFernando Rodney
 Greg AquinoJamie WalkerMasahide KobayashiYasuhiko Yabuto
 Matt GuerrierJoaquin BenoitEddie Guardado 

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Day 43 And Counting

NL-Only Closer Draft Values:
$26-34Takashi SaitoJose ValverdeJason IsringhausenFrancisco Cordero
 Billy WagnerTrevor Hoffman  
$18-25Manny CorpasMatt CappsKevin GreggChad Cordero
Brad LidgeRafael Soriano  
$8-$17Brian WilsonBrandon LyonsKerry WoodEric Gagne

Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 44 And Counting

AL-Only Closer Draft Values:
$35+Mariano RiveraJon PapelbonJoe NathanFrancisco Rodriguez
 JJ Putz   
$26-34Bobby JenksHuston Street  
$18-25Todd JonesJoe BorowskiJoakim Soria 
$8-$17Jeremy AccardoCJ WilsonTroy PercivalGeorge Sherrill

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Chicago Cubs Closer?

End game: Finding a closer :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Cubs: "''We'll have one guy,'' he said Wednesday. ''By the end of spring training, no question. Probably three-quarters of the way through spring training, we'll have one guy. We've got people here that are very capable of getting it done.''"

The candidates are Bobby Howry, Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood. My guess is in that order, but the Cubbies did sign Wood to a one-year deal with games finished clauses.

Day 45 And Counting

NL-Only OF Draft Values:
$30+Carlos BeltranAlphonso SorianoRyan BraunCarlos LeeLance Berkman
 Matt Holliday    
$23-29Jeff FrancouerCorey HartAdam DunnHunter PenceJason Bay
 Chris YoungShane VictorinoRyan FreelMichael BournJuan Pierre
 Andruw JonesMatt KempEric ByrnesWilly TavaresBrad Hawpe
$15-22Pat BurrellWily Mo PenaLastings MilledgeAustin KearnsJosh Willingham
 Cameron MaybinJeremy HermidaKosuke FukudomeBill HallMike Cameron
 Ken GriffeyRick AnkielColby RasmusNate McLouthJustin Upton
 Dave RobertsAaron RowandRandy Winn  
$8-$14Moises AlouRyan ChurchGeoff JenkinsMatt DiazChris Duncan
 Matt MurtonFelix PieXavier NadyJim EdmondsBrian Giles
 Scott HairstonAndre EthierJosh Anderson  
$1-7Andre EthierDelwyn YoungFred LewisRajai DavisElijah Dukes
 Jeff SalazarChris BurkeNayjer MorganSteven PearceAlfredo Almazaga
 Jeff DaVanonRyan LudwickBrian BartonLuis GonzalezJayson Werth
 Ryan SpillborghsJeff BakerEndy Chavez  

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sleeper Back-Up Closer: Manny Delcarmen

Boston Red Sox - Twist regarding turn as Tavarez in Red Sox fifth starter mix - The Boston Globe: "Like last season, when the Sox tried to limit the wear and tear on Papelbon's shoulder, there will be days when the closer is off-duty. In 2007, most of those chances went to Hideki Okajima, but with the emergence of Manny Delcarmen toward the end of the season (2.05 ERA in 44 innings in 2007), the Sox are considering bumping up their reliance on him, especially in key roles."

Manny Delcarmen is on my list of sleeper back-up closers. Most fantasy players will focus on Hideki Okajima and his successful rookie season, but I have concern about the league catching-up to the old guy and see Delcarmen as next in line behind Papelbon.

Day 46 And Counting

AL-Only Draft Values:
$30+Bobby AbreuAlex RiosManny RamirezCarl CrawfordBJ Upton
 Curtis GrandersonGrady SizemoreVlad GuerreroIchiro SuzukiNick Markakis
$23-29Torii HunterJohnny DamonHideki MatsuiVernon WellsMagglio Ordonez
 Jermaine DyeNick SwisherDelmon YoungJosh HamiltonMike Cuddyer
 Raul IbanezJose Guillen   
$15-22Jacoby EllsburyAdam JonesRocco BaldelliBilly ButlerCarlos Gomez
 JD DrewGary MatthewsJack Cust  
$8-$14Melky CabreraCarlos GonzalezMark TeahenDave DeJesusJason Kubel
 Garrett AndersonWladimir BalentienMilton BradleyMarlon ByrdTravis Buck
 Franklin GutierrezRyan SweeneyCoco CrispCarlos QuentinJerry Owens
 Jonny GomesReggie WillitsBrad Wilkerson  
$1-7Reed JohnsonEmil BrownBen FranciscoLuke ScottJacques Jones
 Emil BrownFrank CatalonottoChris DenofriaMarcus ThamesDave Dellucci
 Nelson CruzMatt StairsAdam Lind  

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day 47 And Counting

NL-only 3B Values:

$30+David WrightRyan Braun  
$23-29Chipper JonesRyan ZimmermanAramis RamirezGarrett Atkins
$15-22Pedro FelizBill HallEdward EncarnacionTroy Glaus
 Ty WiggintonKevin Kouzmanoff  
$8-$14Jose BautistaAndy LaRocheChad TracyMark Reynolds
$1-7Jose CastilloDallas MacPhersonAlfredo AmazagaJeff Keppinger
 Mark LorettaNomar GarciaparraKevin Frandsen 

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lastings Milledge or Takashi Saito? Chat Transcript:

"Port Chester, NY: Salaries things being equal, who would you rather have in an NL-only 4x4 league for the next two seasons, Lastings Milledge or Takashi Saito? For just 2008?

Steve Gardner: It's easy to overlook the fact that Saito turns 38 this week because he's only been in MLB for a couple seasons. I'd take my chances with Milledge over the next two seasons, but with the adjustment period he'll have in Washington (and the lack of a definite starting spot) I'd go with Saito for this season only. The Dodgers could be ready to turn the closer job over to Jonathan Broxton or Jonathan Meloan in 2009."

Day 48 And Counting

AL-only 3B Values:

$30+Alex RodriguezMiguel CabreraChone Figgins 
$23-29Mike LowellAdrian Beltre  
$15-22Scott RolenEvan LongoriaJosh FieldsAlex Gordon
 Hank Blalock   
$8-$14Akinori IwamuraMelvin MoraCasey BlakeJoe Crede
 Mike LambEric Chavez  
$1-7Andy MarteBrandon Wood  

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Texas Rangers Closer

Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News told Chuck Wilson on XM Radio's "Baseball Beat" that the Rangers really want lefty C.J Wilson to become the closer. When asked about Eddie Guardado, Grant replied the Rangers want him to mentor Wilson to make him a better closer but do not necessarily want Guardado to be that closer.

Day 49 And Counting

Do you want to be stuck choosing amongst the $1-7 tier for your starting SS?

AL SS Draft Values:

$23-29Derek JeterMichael YoungCarlos Guillen 
$15-22Julio LugoEdgar RenteriaJhonny PeraltaOrlando Cabrera
$8-$14Jason BartlettYusi Betancourt  
$1-7David EcksteinTony PenaAdam EverettBobby Crosby
 Luis HernandezErick AybarMacier Izturis 

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The New Baltimore Closer Is....

MacPhail's rebuilding blocks -- "While Orioles manager Dave Trembley has already notified [George] Sherrill that he would like him to be the team's closer this year..."

From a draft after-thought LOOGY to a $20+ draftee. Only in America!

Day 50 And Counting

NL 2B Draft Prices:

$30+Chase UtleyBrandon Phillips  
$23-29Dan UgglaRichie Weeks  
$15-22Kelly JohnsonMark DeRosaKaz MatsuiOrlando Hudson
$8-$14Luis CastilloFreddie SanchezJeff KentTadahito Iguchi
 Ray Durham   
$1-7Rafael BelliardAdam KennedyJayson NixMarcus Giles
 Jeff BakerIan Stewart  

Friday, February 08, 2008

Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names Contest

At Fake Teams, there is a best fantasy baseball team names contest that just started. The tenative prizes for the best three are Baseball Prospectus' 2008 baseball guide.

Even if you do not enter, it is a great resource for finding clever names that may last longer than your 2008 fantasy baseball chances.

Day 51 And Counting

These are a lot better than the AL 1B. I believe the meme of the mighty AL are about to fall.

NL 1B Draft Prices:

$30+Ryan HowardMark TeixeiraPrince FielderLance Berkman
 Albert Pujols   
$23-29Derrek LeeAdrian Gonzalez  
$15-22Carlos DelgadoAdam LaRocheJames LoneyConor Jackson
 Todd Helton   
$8-$14Dmitri YoungMike JacobsDan Ortmeier 
$1-7Nick JohnsonScott HattebergJoey VottoRich Aurilia

Thursday, February 07, 2008

NL-Only Mock Draft

For those interested, I have set up an NL-only mock draft. It is called Raygu's 2008 NL-Only Fantasy Baseball Draft . It will be held on Tuesday February 12th at 9:15PM EST.

You will need to set-up a free acount at Mock Draft Central if you have not already. Once that is done, you can enter with the password "faketeams".

FWIW, I have never particpated in an NL-only snake draft so I am interested to see how well I can adapt on the fly and to see what strategies I can learn with the benefits of hindsight.

Day 52 And Counting

AL 1B Draft Prices:

$23-29Carlos PenaCarlos GuillenPaul KonerkoJustin Morneau
 Nick Swisher   
$15-22Kevin YoukilisLyle OverbayRyan GarkoCasey Kotchman
 Richie SexsonJarrod Saltalamacchia  
$8-$14Kevin MillarDaric Barton  
$1-7Shelly DuncanJason LaneMorgan EnsbergBen Broussard
 Ross GloadRyan ShealyDan Johnson 

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Free 2008 Fantasy Baseball Projections is giving away Free 2008 fantasy baseball projections designed for standard mixed-leagues (12-team, non-keeper, 5x5). Last season, I had them and was very impressed.

Click through to get it.

Day 53 And Counting

NL 1B Draft Prices:

$30+Ryan HowardMark TeixeiraPrince FielderLance Berkman
 Albert Pujols   
$23-29Derrek LeeAdrian Gonzalez  
$15-22Carlos DelgadoAdam LaRocheJames LoneyConor Jackson
 Todd Helton   
$8-$14Dmitri YoungMike JacobsDan Ortmeier 
$1-7Nick JohnsonScott HattebergJoey VottoRich Aurilia

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Day 54 And Counting

AL Catcher Values:

$23-29Victor Martinez   
$15-22Jorge PosadaJoe MauerKenji Johjima
 Jerrod Saltalamacchia  
$8-$14Jason VaritekDioner NavarroRamon HernandezGerald Laird
 AJ PeirzynskiKurt SuzukiIvan Rodriguez 
$1-7Greg ZaunRod BarajasMark RedmondJeff Mathis
 Brandon IngeKelly ShoppachToby HallMiguel Olivo

Monday, February 04, 2008

Day 55 And Counting

Thus begins my expected draft day dollar values for NL-only 4x4 keeper leagues!

NL Catcher Values:

$23-29Russ MartinBrian McCann  
$15-22Benji Molina  
$8-$14Carlos RuizPaul LoDucaGeovany SotoDave Ross
 Ronny PaulinoMiguel MonteroJosh Bard 
$1-7Brian SchneiderRamon CastroJohnny EstradaJason Kendall
 Yadier MolinaJR TowlesRyan DoumitChris Snyder
 Micheal BarrettChris IannettaEliezer lfonzo

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Day 56 And Counting

Expect fantasy baseball chatter to pick-up considerably over the next week or so leading into pitchers & catchers reporting on February 14th. Jeff Erickson' XM Radio show returns on Monday, and Nate Silver has just released his 2008 PECOTA projections.

These will now enter the realm of fact as we move towards Draft Day 2008. Here are a couple of interesting ones.

STL OF Rick Ankiel: 30 HR/101 RBI/.257 AVG
MIN OF Delmon Young: 17 HR/84 RBI/14 SB/.294 AVG

NYY P Joba Chamberlain: 3.39 ERA/ 1.24 WHIP/ 162 Ks in 145.7 IP
TB SP Scott Kazmir: 3.58 ERA/ 1.29 WHIP/ 194 Ks in 189.3 IP

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Day 57 And Counting

Courtesy of Baseball America's Prospect Blog, here are a list of the left-handers in the 2008 Prospect Book with the highest measured speed. NOTE: "#" injured for 2007 or scheduled to miss 2008 due to injury.

Aaron Poreda CWS 20 100 9.3 1.9 46 R
Clayton Kershaw LAD 19 99 12.0 4.9 122 LoA/AA
Franklin Morales COL 21 98 7.4 4.6 113 AA/AAA
Jake McGee TB 21 98 11.3 3.3 140 HiA/AA
Madison Bumgarner SF 18 97 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kasey Kiker TEX 19 97 10.5 3.8 96 LoA
Gio Gonzalez OAK 21 96 11.1 3.4 150 AA
Sean West# FLA 21 96 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Scott Elbert# LAD 22 96 15.4 6.4 14 AA
Ross Detwiler WAS 21 96 7.6 3.2 33 R/HiA

Friday, February 01, 2008

Day 58 And Counting

On the same day Keith Law released his Top 100 prospects, Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein released his. The better news is BP and ESPN have made their Top 100's available to non-subscribers.

Here is are some notable prospects from BP's list that could have some 2008 value. The ones at the top get most of the attention, but, as you move further down the list, there are some big time sleepers.

1. Jay Bruce, of, Reds
2. Clay Buchholz, rhp, Red Sox
3. Evan Longoria, 3b, Rays
4. Joba Chamberlain, rhp, Yankees
5. Clayton Kershaw, lhp, Dodgers
8. Colby Rasmus, of, Cardinals
9. Homer Bailey, rhp, Reds
10. Cameron Maybin, of, Marlins
12. Matt Wieters, c, Orioles
13. Franklin Morales, lhp, Rockies
14. Andy LaRoche, 3b, Dodgers
15. Wade Davis, rhp, Rays
16. Jacoby Ellsbury, of, Red Sox
17. Jordan Schafer, of, Braves
21. Joey Votto, 1b, Reds
22. Daric Barton, 1b, Athletics
23. Chase Headley, 3b, Padres
24. Andrew McCutchen, of, Pirates
26. Carlos Gonzalez, of, Athletics
27. Nick Adenhart, rhp, Angels
32. Chin-Lung Hu, ss, Dodgers
33. Jeff Clement, c, Mariners
34. Ian Kennedy, rhp, Yankees
35. Ross Detwiler, rhp, Nationals
37. Geovany Soto, c, Cubs
38. Brandon Wood, 3b/ss, Angels
39. Matt Antonelli, 2b, Padres
42. Manny Parra, lhp, Brewers
43. Steven Pearce, 1b, Pirates
49. Eric Hurley, rhp, Rangers
52. Adam Miller, rhp, Indians
54. J.R. Towles, c, Astros
57. Jed Lowrie, ss, Red Sox
63. Brent Lillibridge, ss, Braves
65. Carlos Gomez, of, Twins
69. Chris Perez, rhp, Cardinals
70. Brandon Jones, of, Braves
72. Luke Hochevar, rhp, Royals
91. Casey Weathers, rhp, Rockies
93. Wladimir Balentien, of, Mariners
94. Neil Walker, 3b, Pirates