Monday, July 31, 2006


Wow! I was stunned yesterday when I saw the Yanks aquired Bobby Abreu for basically nothing.

When Matt Smith is the best player the Phils get (operational defitnion of "best": success as a major leaguer), there is something wrong.

The September line-up will crush there way into the play-offs. With either Sheff or Abreu at DH, no lead will be safe and the Yanks can parade out softball-like succesful pitching lines - 6 IP 7 ER - and still win.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nelson Cruz

The Rangers sent speedster Freddy guzman to AAA to make room for OF Nelson Cruz, the best prospect in the Carlos Lee trade.

I can't see Buck Showalter playing him over Gary mathews Jr or mark DeRosa, but Cruz is clearly talented enough to merit the swiping of ABs from both.

Where I see a lot of value is in AL-keeper leagues for next season.

If you can get Cruz cheap, then do it. The double-digit upside in HR & SB is worth the minimal FAAB.

Friday, July 28, 2006

David Bell

The Brewers acquired Phillies 3B David Bell for a minor league prospect.

A decent trade for the Brew Crew, but who is going to play 3B for the Phillies? Abraham Nunez of .150/.186/.221 line? Can that even be correct? Why is he in the major leagues?

Bobby Scales in AAA? Never heard of him but he has the better numbers between the listed 3B at Scranton-Wilkes Barre.


Elijah Dukes

Elijah Dukes has someone in his corner.

"Says Tamargo [his AAA manager], 'Oh my God, he is going to be some special player. You're talking about a guy who can run, throw and is going to hit 40 to 45 homers a year. "

Looking at Dukes' 10 HR so far, there definitely seems to be a bit of hyperbole going on, but earlier, Tamargo pointed out, "If not for the 32-foot-high left-field wall in Durham, Dukes might have 25 home runs instead of 10 with his line-drive power."

Andy marte

Tribe's trades focus on '07:

"Shapiro returned from Buffalo after watching third base prospect Andy Marte and the Bisons for three games.
'Marte looked better in spring training,' said Shapiro. 'He needs work.' "

If Shapiro's assessment holds, then Marte may not be any good over the remainder of the season when he is recalled to play the hot corner for the Indians.

That will trail some of the hype that will surround the call-up.

How to Win the AVG Category with Adam Dunn

FakeTeams :: How to Win the AVG Category with Adam Dunn

The link title says it all.

And, what typically follows that sentence, I'll say a little more for the Executive Summary crowd.

Take the word "link" and swap out the "i" and the "n" and replace them with a "u" and a "c" respectively.

There is more, but all those executives are too busy to learn the details.

You shouldn't be unless you're not interested in synergy.

(Synergy? Now even the executives will look!)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Julio Lugo

Major League Baseball : News : Major League Baseball News

I'm torn on whether I think the Devil Rays should resign Julio Lugo for 4+ years at $8 MM per year.

Not that any figures have been released, but I'd think it would have to be in that area to get Lugo to even consider forgoing the free agent jackpot.

Does Raphael Furcal's 3 year $39MM contract serve as a marker?

I still believe the Rays are bluffing so maybe I have no need to analyze the possibility any further.

Trailblazing - MLB - MLB Transactions: "Placed outfielder Chris Snelling on the 15-day disabled list with an impingement in his left shoulder."

Wow! He did not even play.

I wonder if he did it carrying his bag off the bus or whether he did it carrying back to the bus.

It's too bad.

I predict Snelling is the part of a winning fantasy team at sometime before the next decade, and it will be as either a $1 end-of-draft player or a $10 free agent pick-up.

There's no way with his injury history that he can ever be anything but that type of player.

Whose the PTBNL

M's gain, drop a DH

The Seatle Post-Intelligencer concludes that Shin Choo was not enough for the 30-year-old pure-platooner Ben Broussard and speculates what the Mariners will have to give.

"Also a possibility is a catcher.... After the Broussard trade, the Indians are left with catcher Victor Martinez and right fielder Casey Blake sharing the first-base job, and acquiring a talented catcher could allow Martinez to move to first full time."

Sorry to disappoint, but the Indians do have Kelly Shoppach, who is on my short list of value catchers in next year's draft - if he remains unknown.

That is something I doubt will occur though.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mark Teahan - MLB - Crasnick: Royals seeking trades to rebuild: "Kansas City will not be trading third baseman Mark Teahen any time soon. "

If that is in fact true and not the Royals using Mr. Crasnick's good name to drive-up Teahan's trade value, then I wonder where .400 OBP/.500 SLG Alex Gordon is going to play.

1B seems to be the obvious destination.

As long as Billy Butler can play the outfield, and he should get a season or two to demonstrate otherwise, then Mike Sweeney can be the full-time DH.

(If the Royals can play Emil Brown in the OF, then Butler should get more slack.)

Matt Garza SPORTSNATION - Chat-12376:

"Robert: Do the twins have a shot at landing any of the starting pitchers on the market?

Buster Olney: (12:31 PM ET ) Robert: They are expected to call up Matt Garza, their top pitching prospect, in the next week or so. The guy is said to have a very live arm. "

That is something to keep in mind as the focus shifts to which categories can be moved this late in the season.

I'll root for him because I want to see the Twins with so much pitching.

Melky Cabrera - MLB - Melky Cabrera - New York Yankees - Player Card

I am one of his biggest fans.

Why? I think it has to do with touting him last year and then watching him fail. That was followed by universal condemnation of his ability to succeed.

The combination of being wrong and then seeing a consensus develop about a 20-year-old's 19 AB major debut ability will always put me in their corner.

Think about this.

A 21-yr-old switch hitter on the New York Yankees who walks more than he strikes out (28 vs 27), steals bases (8 of 10 so far) and is driving the ball more as the season progresses - from 3 2B and a triple in May to 2 2Bs and 2 HRs in June to 9 XBH with 6 2B, a 3B and 2 HRs.

There is nothing not to like.

Soriano to the White Sox? - Taking a pass on Soriano?: "'Without McCarthy or someone from the big-league roster, or Fields, I'd have to think it would be tough for the White Sox to deal for someone as coveted as Soriano,' said Baseball America columnist Jim Callis..."

I couldn't agree more.

I'll go further in saying that Gm Kenny Williams had better not let Brian Anderson stop them from making a move to stave off the Yankees and Twins - two teams who trail the WSox for the wildcard by fewer games than a three-toed sloth has toes!

LA Times Chime In

Colletti Finds Taker for Perez in Royals - Los Angeles Times: "General Manager Ned Colletti pulled off the front office equivalent of setting his chips on double zero at the roulette wheel and hitting it."

That is ridiculous. Nevermind it does not jibe with the remainder of Steve Henson's article.

"...will pay Perez a $4.5-million signing bonus due in November and give the Royals between $7.5 and $9 million, depending on whether Perez remains in Kansas City through next season."

Has Mr. Henson seen the KC rotation? Perez is its 2nd best starter right now! Oh, the Dodgers are paying that $7.5-$9 MM.

"General Manager Kim Ng said the Dodgers would end up paying all but about $3 million."

Meaning the Dodgers at $12+ MM or so and threw-in two prospects.

No wonder Steinbrenner hates revenue-sharing!

"Colletti tried to trade Perez earlier, but had no takers until packaging him..."

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Conversation about the LA/KC Trade

Minor League Ball :: Royals trade for Odalis Perez lol

Over at minorleagueball, there is a lively diary going about the apparent fleecing of Ned Colletti by Drayton Moore.

I can't help but thinking what Ned Colletti learned at the feet of Brian Sabean - trade prospects because most don't pan out.

Rumors Round-up

Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal rules!

His article provides a state-of-the-league summary of all the players most frequently sited in trade rumors talk.

Here is the link.

Chris Iannetta - Move to bat Helton fifth not done in haste: "KING SITS, WAITS: The Reds have had interest in Ray King, and recently placed left-hander Kent Mercker on the disabled list. The Rockies didn't pursue a deal for Reds catcher Jason LaRue because they don't want to block prospect Chris Iannetta's path."

While I may deal picks, I highly doubt I'd empty the cupboard.

Chris Iannetta will likely be around towards the end of the 1st round on my NL-only minor league draft.

Off the top of my head, Hunter Pence and Josh Kosansky will be gone for sure.

Top 100 Midseason Update Prospects: Top 100 Midseason Update

With just 6 of the Top 25 available in next year's minor league draft and all of them being pitchers, I have considered doing the unthinkable - trading my picks!

With a 15 point lead in my NL-only league and a money-finish within a good HR day in my AL-only, I see no reason not to burn the picks in a push this season.

Sounds fairly routine for most people, but not me.

The question in my NL league is whether or not I should deal any future chips with the lead I have.

I think I will if only to reinforce my lead, but it depends on the offer. When a "bailing" teams asks for a $5 Jeremy Hermida and Troy Tulowitzki for a $22 Dave Roberts when I have a 21 SB lead on the third place team, I wonder whether I'll be able to deal chips even if I wanted to!

(Oh and I have Raphael Furcal already.)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Matt Kemp

I looked up Matt Kemp to see how he was doing in AAA Las Vegas.

He is currently slugging .500 for the 51ers, which is good considering his age, but I was alarmed to see he has struck out 8 times in 30 ABs while drawing only one walk.

Given I am biased towards any player who makes the majors prior to their 21st birthday, I am concerned about his inability to make consistent contact with minimal plate discipline ability.

Jose Guillen

Guillen may miss remainder of '06�-�Sports�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

I am not surprised in the slightest that Jose Guillen may be oput for the season.

I jumped off his bandwagon in the begining of April when he hurt his wrist and let him pass by in my NL draft despite not having anything approaching a solid hitter drafted. (Ronny Cedeno was my most expensive hitter drafted at $12.)

Buh-bye, Jose. Good luck with that $50 MM contract request. | Spunky Astros get best of Mets Spunky Astros get best of Mets: "'s clear the Astros haven't given up hope of acquiring Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada. Contrary to published reports, however, a top National League official told the Chronicle that the Astros haven't discussed top pitching prospect Jason Hirsh in any talks with the Orioles regarding Tejada."

Just some follow-up on Phil Rogers' piece yesterday.


Pirates Notebook: Littlefield expects more than one trade: "Littlefield said the Pirates could consider a recall of center fielder Chris Duffy after the trade deadline: 'It's hard to say when he'll return, but he's someone we'll be keeping a very close eye on. As the dust settles from the trading deadline, we'll take a look at it.' "

Glad to he did not burn any bridges.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What isthe price?

FOX Sports - MLB - White Sox interested in Soriano: "It is doubtful the Padres could meet the Mariners' price for third baseman Adrian Beltre if the M's fell out of contention and began listening to offers, major-league sources say"

What could be the price for a $13MM per year 3B with a .260 AVG and 20 HR power who is still owed $40MM?

"WTF" is a better title for this post.

I'd have figured Beltre would be easily dealt if someone would pick-up a majority of the salary (read: 51%).

Tejeda to Astros? - Tejada making waves:

" Tejada to the Houston Astros for a package built around shortstop Adam Everett and some very good prospects--right-handers Fernando Nieve, Jason Hirsh and Hunter Pence"

This is from respected Chicago columnist, Phil Rogers.

I'm not sure I see Everett as a piece with any value so this breaks down to Tejeda for prospects albeit Houston's top two, Jason Hirsch and Hunter Pence.

I'd like to see this occur, but only because I like to see trades - not because I think it is a wise trade for the Astros.

Rocky Mountain News: Rockies & MLB

Rocky Mountain News: Rockies & MLB: "Center fielder Choo Freeman is expected to start his fourth straight game tonight....'I want to give Choo an opportunity, so at the end of the season, we don't have any more questions about Choo . . . ,' Hurdle said. 'I really think there's a ceiling in front of him - power potential.' "

Wow. A very smart action to take for an organization.

If Choo doesn't earn the job, then expect jeff Salazar to get a chance.

As applies to all Rockies hitters, grab the ones who will be starters.

(Of course, none of them seem to be able to hit like the Blake Street Bombers.)

Matt Capps

Pirates won't part with young reliever - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

"of his distinction as one of the few players the Pirates have deemed untouchable."

That says all one needs to know about the state of the Pirates organization.

That said, Capps is on the futre closer list if, in fact, the Pirates are serious.

Chris Duffy

Pirates Notebook: Theft rate not so grand: "Indianapolis leads the Class AAA International League with 122 steals, and Chris Duffy is 10 of 13 in 18 games since his return."

If you need SBs, grab him if he is recalled.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

FOX Sports

FOX Sports - MLB - Rangers targeting Luis Gonzalez

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is the must-read for trade rumors now that ESPN has put all of the columnists behind the Insider wall.

I'm sure this increasing rare free info is a plot by Rupert Murdoch to steal eyeballs from other media competitiors. (See success of NY Post circulation for "proof" of his diabolical scheming!)

Notebook: Dodgers out of the hunt for Craig Wilson - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Notebook: Dodgers out of the hunt for Craig Wilson - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: " The Pirates likely have fallen from the pack of teams trying to pry 1B Ryan Shealy from Colorado. The Rockies are believed to be seeking a young relief pitcher for Shealy, but the Pirates are unwilling to pay that price, especially in the form of rookie RHP Matt Capps."

And that is why the Pirates will continue to stink.

Capps has been a good reliever as a rookie and his minor league walk totals are consistent with what he has done season-to-date.

However, he does not dominate major league hitters and the contact is bound to catch-up with him.

In Colorado, there is a good chance he will never be dominating and thus never embarassing the Pirates for trading him.

Dumb move by the Pirates.

Turnbow Out!

Dereck Turnbow has been removed as the Brewers closer.

The question is now who the new one will be. Given the relative success of Brewer's relievers under pitchign coach Mike Maddux, I wouldn't be surprise dto see Turnbow lose the job for good if manager Ned Yost only changes back if the new closer stinks.

I refer you to my July 20th post for my take on the new one.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Jason Davis

MLB - Minnesota Twins/Cleveland Indians Box Score Friday July 21, 2006 - Yahoo! Sports

In his first appearance since being recalled, Davis pitched 1.1 innings and was replaced with two runners on base after surrendering an earlier on.

Five hits allowed. He is an American version of Franklyn German.

One inherited runner in. Yuck.

Jason Davis

The Indians recalled Jason Davis.

And once agin, the future closer applies, but this time there is an opportunity.

I doubt Davis suceeds because he never has before (except to crush ratios on Roto teams everywhere), but watch him closely.

There is no reason to beleive the Indians bullpen is going to be much better than it has been and, at 10 games under .500, none of the relievers have pitched in pressure situations.

We will see how Fausto Carmona does with a win on the line. - MLB - Kurkjian: Bowden suddenly the center of attention - MLB - Kurkjian: Bowden suddenly the center of attention:

"Everyone is available except for Kearns, third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, closer Chad Cordero, first baseman Nick Johnson and catcher Brian Schneider. Bowden loves it, he loves being at the center of activity, at the big table, and he holds most of the chips. "

If you've got Nationals not named in that quote, be prepared to see them change uniforms.

Heck, I wouldn't feel so comfortable with the ones named either given Bowden's prediliction for trading.

Viva El Birdos _ Willis Trade

Viva El Birdos :: test of willis

Over at Viva El Birdos, a blog dedicated to the St Louis Cardinals, is a rumor of Dontrelle Willis to the Marlins for Anthony Reyes, Coby Rasmus, Chris Duncan and Stu Pomeranz.

His source is a post within the St Louis Dispatch's forum.

Reportedly, the Card's have contacted Colby Rasmus's agent about trade discussions, and Rasmus contacted his pop - as related by someone posting as his pop. (Take that with a grain of salt.)

A major-league ready minimum salary pitcher and a stud High A OF seems to be an overwhelming offer. Adding two more propsects makes it a no-brainer.

If this is true, then expect Willis to be a Cards very soon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

California Angels

Will GM Bill Stoneman loosen his hold on his prospects and add the bat or two that will separate the team from the pack of mediocrity that is the AL West?

Joe Randa and Craig Wilson would look nice in California. But can they match the needs of the Pirates?

Do the Pirates want another young pitcher and Casey Kotchman or Kendry Morales?

Bob Wickman

The Braves acquired closer Bob Wickman from the Indians for Low A catcher, Max Ramirez.

Seems Wayne Krivsky didn't set any market, did he?

Worse, I will now have the team that offered me Papelbon and Dave Dejesus coming back telling me I should have dealt Barry Zito and Jason Giambi as he proposed.

Having lost Wickman, I will have to examine my chances now. I entered today tied with the proposing team for 4th.

(Thanks to Tim and Ray for their comments.)

Shea Hillenbrand

Minor League Ball :: Hillenbrand DFA'd?

An interesting discussion is occuring at John Sickel's site about Shea Hillenbrand's sudden release.

Inevitiably, it boils down to Hillenbrand being called a "cancer" by Toronto management.

He's spoke truth to power everywhere he's been and it clearly rubs management the wrong way.

Given the asking prices for players, the Jays may have made a big mistake DFA-ing him.

And if they did, then isn't that a confirmation of Hillenbrand's assessment of management........

Why Bush

JS Online:All choked up:

"With Matt Wise getting rest after pitching 1 2/3 innings the previous evening and Jose Capellan unavailable because of shoulder stiffness that cropped up after his last outing Sunday, Yost made the unusual move of summoning starter Dave Bush in the seventh inning with a runner on and one down."

My guess is Matt Wise closes if Turnbow is removed.

Bush? Maybe. With Ohka back and Sheets returning.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Milwaukee Closer

I was surprised to tune into the Brewers game this afternoon and hear David Bush was pitching in middle relief.

he has not lived-up to expectations but middle relief?

Well, Derek Turnbow proceded to blow his 8th save.

This made me recall something I heard on XM Radio Fantasy Focus with jeff Erickson over the winter. I believe one of the Baseball America guys (Jim Callis?) said he was told that Bush could be a closer with the Brewers.

My recall is shady as I've been without power for a day and the humidity may be continuing where the alcohol left off.

Reggie Willits - MLB - MLB Transactions:

"Optioned pitcher Joe Saunders to Salt Lake of the Pacific Coast League (AAA); recalled outfielder Reggie Willits from Salt Lake."

Geez, I was going to say something about Willits but the serve at Blogger timed out.

He hit .318 with 24 SBs at AAA, and recall, I wrote about him here on the 23rd of April.

Ben Zobrist

The Devil Rays have recently acquired minor league SS Ben Zobrist at AAA Durham.

And he is off to a fast start - 8-21 with 3 BBs.

I f he maintians the .400+ OBP he had at AA, then I can see him being promoted this season if/when Julio Lugo is traded.

He has un peu power, but I can see him matching Aaron Hill. That would be worth a couple bucks in AL-only leagues.

Jones for Soriano - Seattle Persepctive

Mariners Notebook: Yankee Stadium brings out the best in Meche:

"a couple of team insiders suggested that if the Washington Nationals want to trade Alfonso Soriano to the Mariners, they'll have to stop asking for Jones.

'I don't have any sense that Bill (general manager Bill Bavasi) wants to let go of Jones,' one insider said. 'He likes him a lot. We all do."

Doesn't sound like the M's are a good fit despite the Pavlovian reaction Jones causes in Bowden.

And given the M's dearth of CF production, would the M's put Soriano in CF? If not, who?

Adam Jones for Soriano?

Nats Begin Preparing for Soriano Trade

According to the Washington Post, the Nats are scouting the Mariner's system with the purpose of dealing Alphonso Soriano.

Adam Jones appears to be the toolsy outfielder that Jim bowden cannot stop himself from acquiring.

Given Soriano's pending free agency, getting Jones would be a coup along the lines of the one Bowden got from the Reds.

What I found disturbing was this quote:

"Part of the reason the Nationals don't have complete reports on each opposing minor league system is because the franchise has been understaffed with scouts over the past 4 1/2 seasons."

Um, guys, Baseball America costs $59 per year for an internet-only subscription and $83.95 for a print one.

They publish a prospect book every season. I'm sure Amazon must have used copies of previously years for less than a yearly print subscription.

Heck, all the Nats need is a list of the Mariner's minor league affiliates and an internet connection to get a list of players.

Throw-in an unpaid intern to scour those lists using simple statistical metrics like K:BB and OBP ratio in combination with the traditional ones - IP, ERA, HR, K along with age, height and weight, and you have a scouting department for no money down.

For minimal money, they can get people via the internet to attend minor league games and report back to them via a blog.

There are many more people who want to be in baseball than there are jobs for them.

No scouting department just demonstrates a lack of effort.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Everyone gets bad trade offers.

I usually dismiss mine as unserious.

However, I received one in my AL-only keeper league that was clearly well-rationalized, so I do not want to dismiss it out of hand.

If you would, could you offer your comments?

This is a 4X4 AL-only 12-team keeper league that has been in existence for 8 years with a deep two-round minor league draft.

The contract status goes A for 1st year, B then C. prior to the C year (3), a player can be signed for $5 per year.

I give-up $22B Barry Zito and $15B Jason Giambi and get $5B Jon Papelbon and $5C David DeJesus.

I have not responded yet, if only to show some respect for an offer that was given thought before being sent.

Matt Capps

Wells puts on a show as Pirates beat Rockies, 3-1:

"Tracy gave Capps the ball in the ninth because closer Mike Gonzalez had pitched four innings in the three previous games. Gonzalez, who had some tightness in his groin, was available and did throw lightly in the bullpen in the ninth."

Matt Capps as a closing alternative is certainly something to keep in mind.

He has only walked 5 batters in 51.1 innings while striking out 37 with 51 hits allowed. I am curious about the lack of missed bats.

Ryan Shealy

Finally, Ryan Shealy has been recalled from AAA.

Unfortuantely, there is nowhere for him to play as long as Todd Helton remains a Rockie.

That said, any team with a roster spot to carry him should do so.

An injury or a trade would make him a $20 immediately.

For the Rockies, this significantly strengthens the bench whihc may be all that is needed to separate it from the pack of medicority in the NL West.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Windsor Update

MLB - Oakland Athletics/Baltimore Orioles Box Score Monday July 17, 2006 - Yahoo! Sports

Jason Windsor pitch five inning and gave-up one earned run. A 1.80 ERA will be attractive when leagues search by ERA in the free agent pool.

A caution: He gave-up 3 runs while walking 3 and striking out 3 along with 5 hits.

That smells like a bombing could be coming. Fewer striekouts than innings pitched with a 1.60 WHIP.

Jason Windsor

Rotisserie Baseball Musings

The A's have recalled Jason Windsor to start tonight's game.

I previously mentioned him here and have not changed my assessment of his ability to help fantasy teams this season.

He has struck out more than one per inning at AAA - a more impressive stat than against lower level competition.

One a winning team, he can be expected to win 5 or 6 games over the remainder of the season.

I am still a little wary about his ratio, though. It is higher than I'd prefer which could elad to major league hitters rapping him fairly hard.

Nationals/Reds Fall-out

Austin Kearns is hitting clean-up for the Nationals. He may be on his way out, as any player on a Jim Bowden run team could be, but hitting 4th signals tha he is not.

I know there is concern over the hitter-friendliness of RFK, but it hasn't hurt Soriano or Nick johnson, has it?

With the threat of a trad egone, Kearns is now a rock-solid $24+ outfielder.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Odalis Perez

They've Reached Trade Station - Los Angeles Times

And who says blogs are the only place to speak truth minus the pressures of corporate pablum-ization?

Check out Tim Brown's take down of the most expensive piece of trash outside a modern art exhibit.

A taste:
"Trade Odalis Perez? And actually get a three- or four-limbed player in return?"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn hit his 29th HR last night.

I have little doubt he is headed towards 50+, and, with the trade of Austin Kearns, I am much more confident that he win spend the rest of the season in the comfy confines of the Queen's city.

There are few hitters who can be counted on to move the HR category. Adam Dunn is one of them.


The Marlins won again, and Joe Borowski successfully saved his 17th game.

With a 3.86 ERA and 1.31 ERA, JB has done nothing to indicate he won't be a disrable trade commodity, but I'd like to see his name in some trade rumors.

I entered my NL draft with the rock-solid belief that he will be dealt by the trading deadline as the Marlins are rebuilding and a 35-year-old pitching coming off elbow injuries can't buy green bananas in that environment.

But unlike Moses, I will not waiver from my faith.

He will be dealt!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mark Prior

The Cubs placed Mark Prior on the DL.

Any pursuit of him for your roto teams should cease immediately unless he can be had for a player of Xavier Nady's value.

Even there, I'd personally stay away.

Adam Jones

The Seattle Times: Sports: Center fielder Jones set to make big-league debut with M's

It is official. The M's will recall Adam Jones in time for tonight's game.

In AL-only keeper leagues, he is a must-grab. 20-year-olds with HR/SB skills have to be taken.

Add in he has yet to play a full-calendar year at his new position, CF, and you have a players with boatloads of ability.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jim Callis' Take on Trade Majors: Contending Reds Make Baffling Trade

The headline says it all.

An important point he touches on is the escaliting salaries of the two good players involved - Kearns and Lopez.

This must have been a consideration.

It's Real?!?!?

Washington Nationals : Official Info : Press Release

MLB posted the trade on its website.

I am too shocked to believe it is a real trade.

Has Reds GM Wayne Krivsky become smitten with Ryan Freel so much that he'd deal Kearns?

Juan Castro to deal Lopez? - MLB - MLB Transactions - MLB - MLB Transactions: "Acquired outfielder Austin Kearns, shortstop Felipe Lopez and pitcher Ryan Wagner from the Cincinnati Reds for shortstop Royce Clayton, infielder Brendan Harris and pitchers Bill Bray, Gary Majewski and Daryl Thompson."

Looks like someone hacked into ESPN's website.

Untouchable Rockies Prospects

Rocky Mountain News: Rockies & MLB

RHP: Ubaldo Jiminez, Juan Morillo and Manny Corpas
LHP: Franklin Morales
3B : Ian Stewart
SS : Troy Tulowitzki
C : Chris Iannetta
CF : Dexter Fowler

The four hitters immediately become prime prospects to be selected in next year's minor league drafts.

Tulowitzki is in AA and played in this year's Futures Game, and with Clint Barmes maiing Juan Encarnacion look like on OBP-machine, I wouldn't be surprised to hear a clamoring ofr him this August if the Rockies are still in the play-off chase.

Right now, Chris Iannetta is Russ Martin with power. He is at AAA so may be recalled this season. grab him if that occurs.

Dexter Fowler is a classic tools player, but hsi 27 SB as a potential Rockie makes him a target to patrol the vast outfield in Coors.

Ian Stewart was an ultr-hyped prospect a couple years ago and is likely not available. That may be good, though, as he has failed to dominate in HighA and AA after taking low A Asheville by storm.

More alarmingly is the preciptious drop in his walk rate.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Adam Jones

The M's are recalling 20-year-old CF prospect Adam Jones.

I like him but think this seems rushed as Jones has played CF for less than a year and has drawn very few walks - 25 in 328 ABs.

The power/speed/age combo leads me to conclude he will be a valuable Rotisserie player, though. Any player who gets to the majors before their 21st birthday gets tagged that way.

When is the question. Will he be another Jose Lopez?

Huff Trade

The Devil Rays purge continues.

The team dealt Aubrey Huff to the Astros for two AA prospects, SP Matt Talbot and SS Ben Zobrist.

To make room for Huff, the Astros sent OF Jason Lane to AAA.

What I await is the move the Devil Rays make to fill Huff's roster slot.

This is a good trade for the 'stros as Huff will do what Lane was expected to do. Unfortunately for the depth of the Astros farm system, I believe Lane would have done the same thing Huff will do if he had not been inexplicably banished by Phil Garner.

Worse though, is keeping Orlando Palmeiro over Lane. Lane would have provided the late-inning pop that is so glaring on NL rosters.

As for he minor leaguers, Talbot had 96 Ks in 90.i innings of work with 29 walks - very good numbers, but he gave up 94 hits and that doesn't make me feel confident. He's missing bats but teams are still hitting him.

Zobrist is 25 with excellent plate discipline (.434 OBP 55 walks in 315 ABs with 46 Ks). He certainly looks like Upton insurance in the even BJ f(l)ails at SS.


From my daily Rototimes email (Originally set-up to give me email updates via my cell phone when I was in the woods of Vermont at the trading deadline. The as a way to see what the guys there are saying when Websense blocked my access to it during the work day.)

"Jul. 11Even though the Padres are still in playoff contention, several teams have called them to ask about acquiring Scott Linebrink (P) SD, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. While the Padres don't want to part with their premier setup man, if the right offer comes along, they would likely take it. 'He is, by far, the most asked-about player on our club,' said general manager Kevin Towers. 'It would have to be a pretty darn good player. I'd have a hard time parting with Liney right now.' If Linebrink is traded, he could end up closing."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ask Rotomusing

Q8: JJ asks, "I've got a solid nl only 5x5 12 team league(second but well behind first)...its the first year of the league and here are my real keeper opitions...we get two keepers from the round they were picked in...because of this rule david wright is probably a keeper for me since i wouldn't pick any less than 8th in the first round...i have ryan howard as a third rounder...dan uggla as a 10 th rounder...hanley ramirez as a fifth rounder...adrian gonzalez as a 25throunder...i have others, but these seem like the most obvious to inclination is to keep wright because of my position and probably howard because if i let him go he would be a first round it worth giving up my first and third round picks to keep two players who would would be top ten nl only picks next year?

A: Rotomusing responds,

"Thanks for the email.

Your inclination is correct. David Wright and Ryan Howard are both first round picks in NL-only leagues and could justifiably be higher selections than #8. Heck, no team would be hurt selecting either in the Top 8 in a mixed league.

While sitting out the first and third round is very difficult, having two Top 5ish picks is better. Just be prepared to "reach" a little with your 2nd round pick as the creme de la creme will certainly be gone by the end of round 3.

I believe Howard is the 2nd best 1B in baseball right now. He crushes the ball to left-center which prevents teams from trying to pound him away, and if you miss inside, he’ll hit the ball into the upper deck. Or in the case of San Francisco, the bay.

Recall where Mark Texiera has been taken this past year. Howard will have better power numbers this season than MTex had last year."

Favorite Fall-Into Closers

Every year closers emerge who no one would have thought would be the closer.

Most times this occurs due to ineffectiveness and/or injury, but sometimes it occurs because the regular closer is so good that teams do not care about the 8th inning guy.

Think about how much teams paid for the guy behind Mariano Rivera.

Right now, the closers that fit that bill are Big Mo', Trevor Hoffman, Billy Wagner and Jason Isringhausen.

The criteria I use to determine that list? It takes longer than a split second to think who the back-up closer would be.

As such, I think the back-ups, assuming I even name them correctly, would be nice fall-into candidates or very deep saves sleepers.

They are Scott Linebrink, Braden Looper, Kyle Farnsworth and Duaner Sanchez - not exactly Viagra for a flaccid Roto team, are they?.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Seth McClung

Minor League Baseball: Stats: Stats

The Devil Rays demoted Seth McClung a couple weeks ago with the intention of converting him into a power arm out of the bullpen.

So far, so good. He has thrown 9 innings and struck out 15 with a 3.00 ERA and 1.00 WHIP.

When he is recalled, bid on him as if he is the closer.

John Patterson

Patterson Will Rest Until He's Healthy

After finally breaking through last season, John Patterson has seen his follow-up campaign derailed by injuries.

Fortunately, they are not shoulder woes, and some would say elbow ones, but I'll hold-off going that far. (Disclaimer: I am not a docotr nor do I play one in any role.)

Why? Because Patterson's latest injury revolves around his right forearm and immediately adjacent to that body part is the elbow joint.

Anatomy aside. my first thought when reading he is going to shutdown until completely healthy was, "Buy low!" No doubt the opwner who drafted Patterson expected something close to last season's numers - 3.13 ERA, 1.19 WHIP and 185 Ks.

In limited action, he has done so - 40.2 IP 1.11 WHIP and 42 Ks.

I'll be trying to add him, an admittedly difficult task as I am in 1st place in my NL-only league and his owner is in 6th, but try I will.

Everyone else should have an easier time if Patterson is on a team competing for this season.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Henry Owens

Henry Ownes was recalled by teh Mets to fill Pedro martinez's spot on the major league roster.

He had struck out 51 of the 76 outs he got in AA this season while giving up only 8 hits in those 25.1 innings along with 8 BBs.

That type of dominance will always catch my attention.

I watched him pitch following Mike Pelfrey's mediocre debut. Owens has a funky delivery where he brings his glove to his chest and brings the ball back up to his ear while drpping the glove further. he is then all arms and legs throwing the ball - consistnetly at 95 MPH.

I am not sure he can dominate but he could be helpful for a Mets teams looking for internal options versus trading propsects for proven veterans.

He is on my future closer watch but not while a Met and likely not for a season or two on a different team.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Brad Lidge

Brad Lidge blew a tw0-run lead for Roger Clemens today.

This situation is not something to keep on your radar. I will not forget the Dotla trade a couple years ago that seemingly came out of nowhere and gave Lidge the job.

History could repeat itself.

Guardado bidding

In my NL-only, 12 team keeper league, Eddie Guardado went for $33 last night to a team in the thick of competing.

I was stunned, and continue to be stunned, by the actions of teams that bailed or are in the process of bailing.

Why don't these teams bid whatever they can and look to deal the player to those teams in competition for additional future help?

In addition to garnering a better prospective team for the next year, the bailing team also wekens the competitng club by saddling them with an expensive player that is unprotectable at the bid salary.

But at $33, any closer is protectable in a Nl-only keeper league.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Eric Gagne

Former Dodgers closer, Eric Gagne, is out for the season with a herniated disc.

Now he'll have to comeback from back surgery never mind that hurt nerve i his pitching elbow.

I am not a doctor and about to prove that, but if his problem was just a nerve, couldn't he just get a novacaine shot and pitch? After all, that is enough for the dentist to pull your teeth from your mouth.

Kidding aside, Takashi Saito and jonathan broxton take another jump in vlaue for this season and next.

(I'm not convinced yet that Saito won't be caught up to as the hitters see him more.)

Eddie Guardado

The Enquirer - Guardado fortifies 'pen

What will a closer cost in a trade at this point in the season?

What if you could get one without dealing those players?

Then use your FAAB to acquire Eddie Guardado.

To quote GM of the year front runner, Reds GM Wayne Krivsky on EG's role:

"Closer. He's going to close as many games as possible for us."

Greg Maddux

JS Online:Notes: Intriguing prospect

A very nice trade rumor involving Greg Maddux to the Brewers.

He would make a very solid, fan-inspiring addition, and the Brewers have outfielders to spare (Corey Hart, Gabe Gross, Nelson Cruz) to make it work.

This makes too much sense not to happen unless the Dodgers step in an offer an OF from their stable (Ethier, Guzman, Kemp.)

Then a bidding war could arise and work to the Cubs advanatage - the only way Kemp's name would even be involved.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pat Neshek

The Twins recalled RH reliever Pat Neshek but not before he saved his 14th game for Rochester.

Here is a major sleeper for saves if the Twins ever decided to deal Joe Nathan.

A name to keep in mind is all.

Shawn Chacon

New York Daily News - Baseball - Chacon could be on the way out

I'm not surprised the Yankees are considering designating Chacon for assignment.

I watched the 2nd inning on Tuesday, and he was throwing 85 MPH. With his lack of pinpoint control, he cannot consistently get out major league hitters.

He's been so bad that I can't think of a pitcher who would give less.

I'd expect the Yanks to spot start Villone beginning Sunday and try to stretch him out to fill-in. (Start Sunday, in five days throw a simulated game, in five more start)

That would put Villone on schedule to pitch his first game as the new #5 start on either the 18th - the 5th day following the ASB - or th 19th.

Tyler Walker

Rays Reliever Walker Out For Season

Tampa Bay closer Tyler Walker's run on saves over the past two seasons is over. He will have Tommy John surgery which should keep him out of baseball through the end of next season.

I grabbed him last season based on the Physical Appearance Theory and enjoyed the saves, but missed on him this year despite a lowball FAAB of $7. Another team with better priority bid the same.

But I corrected that by going $9 on Brian Meadows and, listening to Gus the Greek, the Tampa Bay beat writer, on XM Radio's Fanatsy Focus with Jeff Erickson yesterday, I earned there is no one else in the major league 'pen but Meadows.

He also explained away the recent saves by Chad Harville (Meadows had warmed up four straight days and was not going to do so on that 5th day) and Shawn Camp (Rays scored 5 in the 8th so Camp pitched the 9th in order to give-up the prodigous HR to injured All-Star Manny Ramirez.)

So good luck to Tyler Walker. I enjoyed the blogging about him over the past year or so.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pat Neshek

Twinkie Town :: Bonser To Roshester

Monday, I listed the propsects noted in The Sporting News' Hot Prospect section of the team write-ups.

The Twins' one was Pat Neshek. The above link debates who the Twins shoudl call-up to replace the demoted Boof Bonser. Neshek is offered along with his numbers.

Rather impressive, but nowhere to pitch but mop-up duty.

Bail Advice

If you are preparing to bail on the 2006 season, examine the rosters in your league for those players whose contracts expire at the end of this season.

This will give you a heads-up as to what will be in next year's draft. The easiest example would be closers.

If there are a few whose contracts expire on October 2nd, then you do not need to focus on grabbing one in a bail trade. There will be at least those few in the draft.

If there are none, then you should focus on getting a cheap one in a bail trade.

If you see no big name starting pitchers with expiring contracts, then target one whose contract runs through the end of 2007.

If there are several whose contracts are expiring, then focus elsewhere.

And so on.

Greg Maddux

Maddux hot commodity as contenders seek help

Greg Maddux to a contender will automatically make him and attractive stretch run pitcher for most Rotisserie teams.

As he appears to be a veteran pitcher who takes a couple months to warm-up, a trade to a contender could combine to make Maddux a 10-game winner over the remainder of the season.

He is one of my favorite buy low candidates right now.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ask Rotomusing

Q7: ray g asks, "Can I get your opinion on this deal made in my NL-only, non-keeper, 12-team league?

Team A in 4th place, 1.5 points out of 3rd (I am in 3rd), 4.5 points out of 2nd, and about 14.5 out of 1st. Team B-8th place, 11 points out of 5th place

Here's the deal:
Team A trades:
Prince Fielder
Chris Snyder
Wandy Rodriguez

to Team B for:
Sean Casey
Paul Loduca
Derek Lowe

IMHO-Team A made out like a bandit, and I have NO idea what Team B is thinking. Your thoughts are appreciated"

A: Rotomusing responds,

"Thanks for the email.

In a keeper league, this looks exactly like a bail trade. Team A sends Prince Fielder to Team B for three everyday players.

However, you write this is a non-keeper league, and I agree that is looks like a steal for Team A.

I will caution that Sean Casey is day-to-day right now and still must deal with any after effects of his broken back, and Paul LoDuca isn't all that good anyhow and has a reputation of seriously breaking down post-ASB.

If those two factors are allowed into the equation, then the deal begins to approach the gray area where anything can happen i.e Chris Snyder stays hot and hits 5 HR and out-HRs LoDuca while Wandy recovers somewhat to his early season form to partially negate Derek lowe's performance.

In which case, Team A wouldn't net quite as much as one would expect. However, my experience has taught me that that level of analysis is usually missing in trades, and Team A believes he made out like a bandit."
Yesterday, I listed the Hot Prospect for the AL teams in this week’s The Sporting News.

Here are the NL ones.

ATL: RHP Kevin Barry
FLA: RHP Anibal Sanchez
NYM: RHP Mike Pelfrey
PHI: RHP Gavin Floyd
WAS: 3B Kory Casto

CHC: OF Felix Pie
CIN: RHP Homer Bailey
HOU: OF Hunter Pence
MLW: 3B Ryan Braun
PIT: LHP Tom Gorzelanny
STL: RHP Anthony Reyes

ARZ: OF Scott Hairston
COL: C Chris Iannetta
LAD: LHP Greg Miller
SDP: RHP Cla Meredith
SFG: LHP Jack Taschner

I was surprised to read that Kory Casto will be recalled. He is blocked by Ryan Zimmerman and would have to transition to the OF on the major league club. He may be capable a la Miguel Cabrera, but I doubt it. However, he would be worth grabbing for 2007+ if he was recalled – defensive struggles aside.

Any of the NL Central prospects are worth grabbing and/or keeping an eye on. Homer Bailey is dominating AA at 20 years-old – 17 IP 7 H 0 ER 22K/4BB – after 70 innings in High A with 79 strikeouts. If Cincinnati rushes him, grab him for 2007.

Chris Iannetta is also one to watch. A OBP machine a la Russ Martin in the Colorado air. He slugged .622 at AA, too

Monday, July 03, 2006

This week’s The Sporting News has a Hot Prospect listing for each team. I used to devour this information prior to on-line access to Baseball America and John Sickel’s minorleagueball.

FWIW, here is the list.

BAL: RHP Eddy Rodgriguez
BOS: SS Dustin Pedroia
NYY: 1B Shelley Duncan
TB: LHP Jon Switzer
TOR: RHP Francisco Rosario

CSX: 3B Josh Fields
CLE: 3B Andy Marte
DET: RHP Humberto Sanchez
KC: 3B Alex Gordon
MIN: RHP Pat Neshek

LAA: RHP Jeff Weaver
OAK: RHP Jason Windsor
SEA: RHP Francisco Cruceta
TEX: LHP John Danks

Of these, the one that caught my attention was Oakland right-handed pitcher Jason Windsor. (The others are either of no interest or fairly well-known – at least to me.)

The A’s have been able to plug in cheap starting pitching as more expensive ones leave. Think Rich Harden, Dan Haren, Joe Blanton. With Barry Zito likely to leave as a free agent, Windsor is the candidate ready to step into his slot in the rotation.

He is striking out more than one per inning on the season and in AAA. His ratio is a bit high as an additional indicator of the ability to successfully coral major-league hitters, but for what will likely be a salary of no more than $10, I would take the chance on him.

ARod being Traded?

Bleed Cubbie Blue :: Scoop!

Check out the link. In it, the blog reports Arod to the Cubs for Aramis Ramirez and Andruw Jones to the White Sox for Brian Anderson & pitching.

Those would be blockbuster trades and I would be very surprised to see them occur.

Pedro Martinez

Expectedly, Pedro Martinez has come down with an injury that will likely keep him from participating in next Tuesday's All-Star game.

The question is why the Mets didn't wait until next Sunday following his projected start versus the Marlins to announce it.

Could he really be hurt?

Sunday, July 02, 2006 Store - 2006 All-Star Game: National League Authentic Customized 2006 All-Star COOL BASE BP Jersey Store - 2006 All-Star Game: National League Authentic Customized 2006 All-Star COOL BASE BP Jersey

I'm watching the Braves this afternoon and listening to the announcers repeatedly gripe, tongue-in-cheek, how they cannot say who made the All-Star team because ESPN paid for the rights to announce it on a show at 7 PM.

Then MLB sets up a site to sell 2006 All-Star game jerseys and the cat gets out of the bag anyways!

Pedro (Soon to have a slkight injury and miss it!)
Capuano (well-deserved!)
Schmidt (a sweeeet $18 draftee)
Howard (the best power hitter in the game!)
LoDuca (Yikes! Martin and MCCann?)

Nathan (Nice reward for few saves, huh? Not like Twins didn't have a rep already.)
Schilling (another draft day steal. Hmmm? Veteran stud pitcher off a down year strategy?)
Thome (talk about a win-win trade!)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jonathan Broxton

In the Dodgers 6-1 victory over the hapless Angels, Jonathan broxton pitched the 9th inning of the vicotry with Danys Baez pitching the 8th.

Takishi Saito remains the closer, but I can't help but seeing a signal in Broxton "protecting" a 9th inning lead.

I have watched the Dodgers fairly closely this season due to all the prospects in the system, but now that energy has been renewed with this latest development.