Monday, March 31, 2008

Speed Sleeper - Brett Gardner

The LoHud Yankees Blog: "Sanjay asked: Can you name the minor league position player who you believe will make an impact with the Yankees this year? Anybody in particular who has caught your eye?
Brian Cashman: “Brett Gardner.”"

If the GM likes him, then expect to see him in Yankee pinstripes.

AL-Only 4x4 Pitching Sleeper?

I had my AL-Only 4x4 draft yesterday. It is a keeper league, and very few SP were available. The top ones were Roy Halladay, Joe Blanton, John Lackey, Scott Kazmir and Mark Buerhle. They went for $26, $18, $17, $14 and $17 respectively.

One pitcher who did not fetch that type of bid was Mariners' $48MM man Carlos Silva. He went for $3. Looking at this comparison between Silva (as a Twin) and Blanton from 2007 looks favorable towards Silva, doesn't it?

Joe Blanton143.951.22230140
Carlos Silva134.191.3120289

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleeper Source For 90+ RBI

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Baseball - MLB Toronto: Jays looking forward to TO return: "Gibbons unveiled the batting order he hopes will stick at least until Scott Rolen returns to active duty late in April or early in May. Shortstop David Eckstein batted leadoff, followed by Shannon Stewart, Alex Rios, Vernon Wells at cleanup, DH Frank Thomas, Aaron Hill, Lyle Overbay, Marco Scutaro and Gregg Zaun"

Aaron Hill batting 6th? There could be a 90+ RBI 2B emerging.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deep AL-Only Sleepers

I'm sure most teams are drafting this weekend, and many will have completed their drafts before reading this. There are two players I want to point out for those playing in very deep Al-Only leagues.

The first is Tampa Bays Rays back-up infielder Elliot Johnson. Right now he is known for barrelling into New York Yankees catching prospect Franncisco Cervelli in the 9th inning of an early Spring Training game and breaking the catcher's wrist. Soon deep AL-Only leagues will know him as the Nick Punto of Tampa Bay - double digit steals and multi-position eligibility.

The other is Yankees' middle reliever Ross Ohlendorf. In six major league innings last season, he struck out nine batters. I sense the Yankees want him to be the one to step-up in the 'pen and take over eigth inning duties from Joba Chamberlain.

Ohlendrof is a converted starter so we have yet to see how well his stuff translates as a reliever. If last year's six-inning sample is representative, then he will be an excellent middle relief option on a team that can score runs.

Friday, March 28, 2008

AL West : Angels and Mariners

What is wrong in the AL West? All the serious division contenders have major injury issues that could derail their high expectations.

The Los Angeles Angels have to be reeling following the news that Kelvim Escobar is likely done for the 2008 season. This has the immediate effect of making Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders, Dustin Moseley or rookie Nick Adenhart a permanent 2008 rotation member. And none is expected to pitch as well as Escobar did last season.

That news followed the injury news on top middle reliever Scot Shields. He will begin the season on the DL due to forearm issues. Without a dependable bridge from the 8th inning to closer, Francisco Rodriguez, can the Angels rely on any of those four pitchers to consistently pitch into the 7th or will they be out by the 6th and cause the Angels bullpen to throw two or three innings each night to just get to K-Rod?

Preceding the Shields news was news that ace John Lackey will be lost until mid-May. This left the Angels a starting rotation of Jered Weaver, Jon Garland, Ervin Santana, Joe Saunders and either Dustin Mosely or Nick Adenhart.

That rotation cannot stave off a better Seattle Mariner's team. With a rotation of Erik Bedard, Felix Hernandez, Carlos Silva, Jarrod Washburn and Miguel Batista, the Mariners should win the battle of these two leading Al West contenders.

Unfortunately, the Mariners have some injury concerns of their on at their corners. Richie Sexson has been alluding to injury issues that are the cause of his loss of major league hitting ability, and 3B Adrian Beltre has revelaed that he is playign through a wrist injury that did not heal over the winter.

Given Sexson's production last season, the MAriners' can ably replace it with Brad Wilkerson at 1B while installing rookie Wladimir Balentien in RF. it is replacing Beltre that is more troublesome. Miguel Cairo or Willie Bloomquist can only be consider MaLPinos as regular players.

Another option at 1B would be to move Jose Vidro from the Dh role to 1B and install rookie Jeff Clement or Balentien at DH. It would likely wash with Clement upgrading power at DH and Vidro upgrading the hitting at 1B.

Either way, the Mariners will need to shuffle a couple of key hitters who are expected to hit in the middle of their order. Will their starting rotation be enough to offset that loss of offense or will the weakened Angels' rotation and their current offense still be too much?

As for the Texas Rangers and Oakland A's, let just say I don't believe either to be serious contenders barring the ermegence of 3-5 starting pitchers on each team.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

AL-Only Closer/Saves 4x4 Auction Values, Part II

Here are the remaining relievers ranked by Baseball Prospectus' Player Forecast Manager. Note a few of these guys should be downgraded alittle, if that is possible with most dollar values under $5.

AL-Only 4x4 Closer Values Part II:
Reyes AlRP7
Perez RafaelRP7
Neshek PatrickRP7
Wheeler DanRP6
Benoit JoaquinRP6
Okajima HidekiRP5
Shields ScotRP5
Speier JustinRP5
Ramirez EdwarRP5
Peralta JoelRP4
Gobble JimmyRP4
Farnsworth KyleRP4
Rodney FernandoRP4
Embree AlanRP3
Frasor JasonRP3
Delcarmen ManuelRP3
Downs ScottRP3
Britton ChrisRP3
Kobayashi MasahideRP3
Casilla SantiagoRP3
Guerrier MattRP3
Devine JoeyRP3
Linebrink ScottRP2
Dotel OctavioRP2
Bale JohnRP2
Rincon JuanRP2
Janssen CaseyRP2
Crain JesseRP2
Brown AndrewRP2
Cruceta FranciscoRP2
Logan BooneRP2
Bulger JasonRP2
Thornton MattRP2
Glover GaryRP2
Littleton WesRP1
Miller TreverRP1
Fultz AaronRP1
Lewis JensenRP1
Seay BobbyRP1

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NL-Only 4x4 Draft Results

Here are the results of an NL-Only 4x4 snake draft I did last night. How did I do?

Round Pick Player Position
1. (8) Ryan Howard 1B
2. (13) Brandon Phillips 2B
3. (28) Brian McCann C
4. (33) Chris Young OF
5. (48) Jason Bay OF
6. (53) Francisco Cordero P
7. (68) Justin Upton OF
8. (73) Todd Helton 1B
9. (88) Ryan Theriot 2B,SS
10. (93) Oliver Perez P
11. (108) Brian Wilson P
12. (113) Khalil Greene SS
13. (128) Eugenio Velez 2B
14. (133) Matt Diaz OF
15. (148) Manny Parra P
16. (153) Chase Headley 3B
17. (168) Paul Lo Duca C
18. (173) Jose Bautista 3B,OF
19. (188) Chad Qualls P
20. (193) Geoff Jenkins OF
21. (208) David Weathers P
22. (213) Dave Roberts OF
23. (228) Alejandro De Aza OF
24. (233) Oscar Villarreal P
25. (248) Joel Hanrahan P
26. (253) Kyle Lohse P
27. (268) Jonathan Sanchez P
28. (273) Rick VandenHurk P
29. (288) Brad Thompson P

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Colorado Rockies 2B Jayson Nix

After three seasons in AAA, Jayson Nix has won the starting 2B job with the Colorado Rockies. The immediate effect is the signal the end of Jeff Baker's potential to live-up to the hype of being Clemson University's all-time HR leader when he was drafted.

Baker lost the 2B competition because he cannot hit for a high AVG and doesn't take the walks necessary to make his low AVG palatable. Sure, the Rox will say Nix won on his defense, but Baker hit a mere 209/286/326 this Spring. Nix went 300/475/667.

Baker will stick with the Rox because he can back-up 1B, 3B, LF, RF and now 2B, but his chances of ever fulfilling expectations are done. He would need a solid month or two of play to establish himself, it at all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Expensive Steals - Carlos Gomez

The twins was given the CF job to Carlos Gomez and sent down his two competitors, Denard Span and Jason Pridie. Go to your leagues and add Gomez as fast as you can.

He is a 40+ SB player readily available.

AL Tout Wars - Top Starting Pitchers

Do you believe in Erik Bedard's 2007 season? The experts in Tout Wars sure do. He went for $33 - one of just two pitchers to crack the $30 mark. The other was CC Sabathia at $31. I would have thought there would be some concern about CC's enormous workload last season.

I would have given that honor - breaking $30 and the most expensive pitcher - to Justin Verlander. He went for $29. Josh Beckett went for $26, which is also the price of the most expensive closer, JJ Putz

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fantasy Sleeper Opportunity - Matt Diaz

The Atlanta Braves sent up-and-coming outfielders, Brnaodn Jones and Jordan Schafer, to the minors yesterday. This means Mark Kotsay and Josh Anderson will share the CF job at the start of the 2008 season.

More importantly, this move gives LF Matt Diaz the chance to get full-time ABs. With a well-over .300 AVG the past two seasons, Diaz could become a quality asset in AVG.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

NL-Only Closer/Saves 4x4 Auction Values

NL-Only 4x4 Closer Values Part I:
Wagner BillyRP24
Saito TakashiRP21
Soriano RafaelRP21
Cordero FranciscoRP20
Valverde JoseRP19
Capps MattRP18
Cordero ChadRP16
Lidge BradRP15
Hoffman TrevorRP12
Corpas ManuelRP12
Howry BobRP12
Broxton JonathanRP11
Gagne EricRP10
Isringhausen JasonRP10
Wilson BrianRP9
Gregg KevinRP9
Marmol CarlosRP9
Meredith ClaRP7
Bell HeathRP6
Lyon BrandonRP6

Friday, March 21, 2008

AL-Only Closer/Saves 4x4 Auction Values, Part I

AL-Only 4x4 Closer Values Part I:
Putz J.J.RP27
Rivera MarianoRP26
Papelbon JonathanRP25
Street HustonRP25
Nathan JoeRP24
Rodriguez FranciscoRP23
Soria JoakimRP19
Ryan B.j.RP18
Jenks BobbyRP16
Percival TroyRP13
Borowski JoeRP12
Wilson C.J.RP12
Sherrill GeorgeRP10
Betancourt RafaelRP9
Jones ToddRP9
Walker JamieRP9

Thursday, March 20, 2008

AL-Only SP 4x4 Auction Values, Part I

AL-Only 4x4 SP Values Part I:
Robertson NateSP10
Garza MatthewSP9
Hughes PhilipSP8
Gaudin ChadSP8
Schilling CurtSP8
Willis DontrelleSP8
Laffey AaronSP8
Kennedy IanSP7
Wang Chien-MingSP7
Meche GilSP7
Buchholz ClaySP7
Mussina MikeSP7
Duchscherer JustinSP7
Baker ScottSP6
McGowan DustinSP6
Buehrle MarkSP6
Greinke ZackSP6
Garland JonSP5
Westbrook JakeSP5
Sonnanstine AndrewSP5
Cabrera DanielSP4
Washburn JarrodSP4
Millwood KevinSP4
Silva CarlosSP4
Bonser BoofSP3
Santana ErvinSP3
Marcum ShaunSP2
Wakefield TimSP1
Batista MiguelSP1
Litsch JesseSP1

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NL-Only SP 4x4 Auction Values, Part II

NL-Only 4x4 SP Values Part II:
Santana JohanSP46
Peavy JakeSP39
Smoltz JohnSP32
Webb BrandonSP29
Hamels ColeSP29
Harang AaronSP25
Haren DanSP23
Oswalt RoySP20
Zambrano CarlosSP18
Hill RichardSP17
Lincecum TimothySP15
Martinez PedroSP15
Myers BrettSP15
Sheets BenSP14
Hudson TimSP14
Young ChrisSP14
Gallardo YovaniSP13
Kuroda HirokiSP13
Cain MattSP12
Snell IanSP12
Lilly TedSP12
Lowe DerekSP11
Arroyo BronsonSP11
Bush DavidSP11
Billingsley ChadSP11
Wainwright AdamSP10
Zito BarrySP10
Maine JohnSP10

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NL-Only SP 4x4 Auction Values, Part I

NL-Only 4x4 SP Values Part I:
Miller AndrewSP9
Penny BradSP8
Perez OliverSP7
Francis JeffSP7
Hill ShawnSP7
Gorzelanny TomSP7
Maddux GregSP6
Hernandez OrlandoSP5
James ChuckSP5
Johnson RandySP5
Belisle MattSP5
Moyer JamieSP4
Reyes AnthonySP4
Carpenter ChrisSP4
Maholm PaulSP4
Germano JustinSP4
Sanchez JonathanSP3
Volquez EdisonSP3
Capuano ChrisSP3
Correia KevinSP3
Pelfrey MikeSP3
Prior MarkSP3
Misch PatSP2
Pineiro JoelSP2
Rodriguez WandySP1
Schmidt JasonSP1
Suppan JeffSP1
Lieber JonSP1
Hendrickson MarkSP1
Bergmann JasonSP1

Monday, March 17, 2008

AL-Only OF 4x4 Auction Values, Part II

AL-Only 4x4 OF Values:
Sizemore GradyCF33
Crawford CarlLF32
Upton B.J.OF/2B31
Granderson CurtisCF26
Hunter ToriiCF26
Rios AlexisRF25
Figgins Chone3B/CF25
Swisher Nicholas1B/LF24
Jones AdamCF24
Guerrero VladimirRF22
Thames MarcusLF22
Young DelmonRF22
Abreu BobRF21
Dye JermaineRF20
Markakis NickLF/RF20
Wells VernonCF20
Sheffield GaryRF20
Gomez CarlosCF20
Ellsbury JacobyCF19
Ordonez MagglioRF18
Ramirez MannyLF17
Matsui HidekiLF17
Bradley MiltonRF17
Cuddyer MikeRF17
Suzuki IchiroCF/RF16
Buck TravisLF16
Matthews GaryCF16
Gutierrez FranklinRF16
Guillen JoseRF15
Damon JohnnyCF15
Hamilton JoshCF15

Saturday, March 15, 2008

AL-Only OF 4x4 Auction Values, Part I

PECOTA loves A's OF Ryan Sweeney!

AL-Only 4x4 OF Values:
Ibanez RaulLF15
Kubel JasonLF15
Scott LukeLF15
Sweeney RyanRF14
Huff Aubrey3B/RF13
Cabrera MelkyLF13
Crisp CocoCF13
Blake CaseyRF13
Byrd MarlonCF12
Wilkerson BradLF12
Dejesus DavidLF/CF11
Anderson GarretLF11
Gathright JoeyCF10
Quentin CarlosRF10
Drew J.D.RF9
Catalanotto FrankLF8
Floyd CliffLF8
Dellucci DavidLF/RF8
Cruz NelsonRF7
Jones JacqueRF7
Payton JayLF/CF/RF7
Francisco BenLF7
Brown EmilLF/RF6
Lind AdamLF6
Michaels JasonLF6
Rivera JuanLF/CF/RF5
Monroe CraigLF5
Johnson ReedLF/RF5
Owens JerryCF5
Reed JeremyCF5
Denorfia ChrisCF4
Willits ReggieLF4
Ozuna PabloLF1

Friday, March 14, 2008

NL-Only OF 4x4 Auction Values, Part II

NL-Only 4x4 OF Values:
Soriano AlfonsoLF36
Braun Ryan3B/LF35
Young ChrisCF33
Holliday MattLF30
Dunn AdamLF28
Hart CoreyLF/RF27
Beltran CarlosCF26
Jones AndruwCF24
Lee CarlosLF24
Byrnes EricCF23
Pence HunterRF23
Berkman Lance1B/RF23
Kemp MatthewCF22
Milledge LastingsLF/RF22
Ankiel RickRF21
Bay JasonLF20
Victorino ShaneLF/CF/RF20
Francoeur JeffreyRF18
Upton JustinRF18
Burrell PatLF17
Hairston ScottLF17
Davis RajaiLF17
Hermida JeremyRF16
Willingham JoshLF16
Bautista Jose3B/CF/RF15
Hall BillCF/3B15
Fukudome KyosukeRF15
Duncan ChrisLF/RF15
Maybin CameronCF15
Hawpe BradleyRF14
Ortmeier Daniel1B/OF14
Griffey KenCF14
Kearns AustinRF14
Pierre JuanCF14

Thursday, March 13, 2008

NL-Only OF 4x4 Auction Values, Part I

Note the Astros' Reggie Abercrombie has five stolen bases this Spring and PECOTA loves him - 15 HR and 30 SB in a full-time role.

NL-Only 4x4 OF Values, Part I:
Church RyanCF13
Roberts DaveLF13
Morgan NyjerCF13
Taveras WillyCF13
McLouth NathanCF/RF12
Rowand AaronCF12
Freel RyanCF/RF12
Pena WilyCF/RF12
Pie FelixCF12
Cameron MikeCF11
Alou MoisesRF11
Jenkins GeoffRF11
Ethier AndreLF11
Winn RandyLF/CF/RF11
Nady Xavier1B/RF11
Rasmus ColbyCF10
Abercrombie ReggieCF9
Bourn MichaelCF9
Dukes ElijahLF9
Diaz MattLF9
Giles BrianRF9
Spilborghs RyanCF9
Derosa Mark2B/3B/RF8
Bruce JayCF7
Murton MattLF7
Edmonds JimCF7
Burke Chris2B/CF7
Hopper NorrisCF7
Werth JaysonRF6
Gonzalez LuisLF5
Jones BrandonLF5
Anderson JoshCF5
Chavez EndyLF/CF/RF5
Gross GabeLF/CF4
Thorman ScottLF4
Schierholtz NateLF4

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

AL-Only 3B 4x4 Auction Values

Keep an eye on the A's Jack Hannahan as an end-of-draft corner. Eric Chavez is taking epidural for his back pain. Hannahan is the beneficiary.

AL-Only 4x4 3B Values:
Rodriguez Alex3B40
Cabrera Miguel3B26
Figgins Chone3B/CF25
Beltre Adrian3B23
Gordon Alex1B/3B23
Teahen Mark3B17
Fields Joshua3B16
Lowell Mike3B15
Longoria Evan3B14
Huff Aubrey3B/RF13
Blalock Hank3B13
Rolen Scott3B13
Chavez Eric3B12
Mora Melvin3B11
Crede Joe3B10
Izturis Maicer3B10
Moore Scott3B7
Lamb Mike1B/3B7
German Esteban2B/3B6
Betemit Wilson3B4
Hannahan Jack3B4
Punto Nick3B/SS4

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NL-Only 3B 4x4 Auction Values

Remember these are from Baseball Propsectus' Player Forecast Manager as of 2/27/08. I wouldn't have the Dodgers' Andy LaRoche as relatively high. I think his season may be lost - at least as a full-time player.

Braun Ryan3B/LF35
Wright David3B32
Zimmerman Ryan3B21
Ramirez Aramis3B20
Jones Chipper3B20
Encarnacion Edwin3B19
Atkins Garrett3B19
Reynolds Mark3B16
Kouzmanoff Kevin3B16
Bautista Jose3B/CF/RF15
Hall BillCF/3B15
Wigginton Ty1B/2B/3B14
Glaus Troy3B13
Laroche Andy3B10
Sanchez Freddy2B/3B/SS10
Aurilia Rich1B/3B/SS10
Tracy Chad3B9
Feliz Pedro3B8
Frandsen Kevin2B/3B8
Derosa Mark2B/3B/RF8
Garciaparra Nomar1B/3B7
McPherson Dallas3B5
Dobbs Greg3B1

Monday, March 10, 2008

AL-Only SS 4x4 Auction Values

AL-Only 4x4 SS Values:
Guillen CarlosSS20
Jeter DerekSS17
Peralta JhonnySS15
Young MikeSS15
Cabrera OrlandoSS15
Lugo JulioSS14
Crosby BobbySS11
Betancourt YunieskySS10
Renteria EdgarSS10
Aybar EricSS10
Bartlett JasonSS9
Eckstein DavidSS7
Everett AdamSS7
Pena TonySS6
Murphy DonaldSS5
Hernandez LuisSS4
Punto Nick3B/SS4

Sunday, March 09, 2008

What A Curve!

Here is a very nice looking pitch from Dodgers' prospect Clayton Kersahw. Let the hype begin!

NL-Only SS 4x4 Auction Values

I'd add that Jeff Keppinger should be in the same area as Yunel Escobar. The only difference will be ABs.

NL-Only 4x4 SS Values:
Reyes JoseSS42
Ramirez HanleySS36
Rollins JimmySS28
Tulowitzki TroySS20
Furcal RafaelSS17
Greene KhalilSS17
Hardy JamesSS15
Tejada MiguelSS14
Drew StephenSS13
Lopez FelipeSS12
Escobar YunelSS10
Sanchez Freddy2B/3B/SS10
Aurilia Rich1B/3B/SS10
Vizquel OmarSS9
Wilson JackSS6
Gonzalez AlexSS6
Cedeno RonnySS6
Counsell CraigSS4
Wilson JoshSS4

Saturday, March 08, 2008

AL-Only 2B 4x4 Auction Values

AL-Only 4x4 2B Values:
Roberts Brian2B32
Kinsler Ian2B29
Kendrick Howie1B/2B17
Cano Robinson2B15
Ellis Mark2B15
Pedroia Dustin2B14
Cabrera Asdrubal2B14
Hill Aaron2B11
Iwamura Akinori2B10
Lopez Jose2B9
Harris Brendan2B9
Polanco Placido2B8
German Esteban2B/3B6
Richar Danny2B6
Casilla Alexi2B5
Grudzielanek Mark2B4
Callaspo Alberto2B4

Friday, March 07, 2008

NL-Only 2B 4x4 Auction Values

Defintely keep Rockies' for-now 1B-eligible Jeff Baker in mind. If he wins the 2B job, he could produce a top 10 value.

NL-Only 4x4 2B Values:
Utley Chase2B22
Phillips Brandon2B21
Uggla Dan2B21
Weeks Rickie2B19
Johnson Kelly2B16
Wigginton Ty1B/2B/3B14
Kent Jeff2B12
Hudson Orlando2B11
Matsui Kazuo2B11
Sanchez Freddy2B/3B/SS10
Durham Ray2B8
Frandsen Kevin2B8
Derosa Mark2B/3B/RF8
Iguchi Tadahito2B7
Belliard Ron2B7
Burke Chris2B/CF7
Castillo Luis2B7
Theriot Ryan2B6
Anderson Marlon2B6
Infante Omar2B6
Cantu Jorge2B5
Nix Jayson2B5
Kennedy Adam2B5
Velez Eugenio2B4

Thursday, March 06, 2008

AL-Only 1B 4x4 Auction Values

Remember, these values were produced using Baseabll Prospectus' Player Forecaster Manager. I never considered Matt Stairs so valuable.

AL-Only 4x4 1B Values:
Pena Carlos1B25
Swisher Nicholas1B/LF24
Morneau Justin1B20
Konerko Paul1B19
Kendrick Howie1B/2B17
Stairs Matt1B16
Garko Ryan1B16
Sexson Richie1B16
Youkilis Kevin1B15
Giambi Jason1B15
Martinez VictorC/1B15
Duncan David1B14
Overbay Lyle1B14
Millar Kevin1B11
Barton Daric1B10
Kotchman Casey1B9
Broussard Ben1B9
Gload Ross1B9
Lamb Mike1B/3B7
Johnson Daniel1B5

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

4x4 NL-Only Auction Values

NL-Only 4x4 1B Values:
Howard Ryan1B29
Pujols Albert1B27
Fielder Prince1B27
Lee Derrek1B24
Berkman Lance1B/RF23
Teixeira Mark1B21
Gonzalez Adrian1B19
Jacobs Mike1B17
Laroche Adam1B17
Delgado Carlos1B15
Ortmeier Daniel1B14
Helton Todd1B14
Wigginton Ty1B/2B/3B14
Jackson Conor1B13
Loney James1B12
Nady Xavier1B/RF11
Aurilia Rich1B/3B/SS10
Votto Joey1B9
Doumit Ryan1B8
Young Dmitri1B8
Garciaparra Nomar1B7
Johnson Nick1B6
Hatteberg Scott1B5

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

4x4 Auction Values

AL-Only 4x4 Catcher Values:
Martinez VictorC/1B15
Posada JorgeC15
Mauer JoeC13
Napoli MichaelC12
Varitek JasonC9
Hernandez RamonC8
Pierzynski A.J.C8
Saltalamacchia JarrodC8
Buck JohnC8
Navarro DionerC7
Laird GeraldC7
Rodriguez IvanC7
Johjima KenjiC7
Suzuki KurtC5
Olivo MiguelC5
Zaun GreggC4
Bowen RobC3
Shoppach KellyC3
Mathis JeffreyC3
Barajas RodC2
Quiroz GuillermoC2
Molina JoseC2
Mirabelli DougC1
Hall TobyC1

Monday, March 03, 2008

NL-Only 4x4 Player Values

According to PECOTA, these are the catcher values for NL-only 4x4 leagues.

NL-Only 4x4 Catcher Values:
Martin RussellC15
Mccann BrianC14
Soto GeovanyC11
Towles JustinC8
Molina BenC8
Paulino RonC7
Ruiz CarlosC7
Ross DaveC6
Snyder ChrisC6
Molina YadierC5
Torrealba YorvitC5
Castro RamonC5
Bard JoshC4
Montero MiguelC4
Rabelo MichaelC4
Iannetta ChristopherC3
Schneider BrianC3
Loduca PaulC3
Valentin JavierC3
Barrett MichaelC3
Rivera MikeC3
Kendall JasonC2
Coste ChrisC1
Estrada JohnnyC1

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Day 29 And Counting

Amazing. Less than one month to go before the regular season begins and just another seven days or so after that until almost all the 2008 fantasy baseball drafts will be completed.

Was I the only one who thought Eric Chavez is done after reading he needed an epidural for his back discomfort? An epidural! God, Jack Hannahan has to be considered one of the sleepers in deep AL-only leagues along with another back-up A's infielder behind a brittle starter.

Donnie Murphy has the role Marcus Scutaro rode to 300+ ABs every year - 2nd on the depth chart behind Bobby Crosby. He hit 6 HRs in limited duty. If he gets 300+ ABs that Scutaro got in each of the past four seasons, he could be even better. He has hit double-digit HRs in each of his past three full seasons.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

AL-Only Auction 4x4

Here are the results for my team in yeserday's mock AL-Only 4x4 auction draft. I ran out of money quickly and was stuck with $1 players. Also, I had to leave near the end and the computer selected them except for Matt Guerrier, who I nominated and got for $1.

PosNameTeam Salary
CVictor MartinezIndians(CLE)24
CJoe MauerTwins(MIN)15
1BJustin MorneauTwins(MIN)23
2BB.J. UptonDevil Rays(TAM)28
3BRuss AdamsBlue Jays(TOR)1
SSTony Pena Jr.Royals(KCR)1
CIWilson BetemitYankees(NYY)1
MICody RansomYankees(NYY)1
OFGrady SizemoreIndians(CLE)22
OFIchiro SuzukiMariners(SEA)30
OFAlex RiosBlue Jays(TOR)20
OFJ.D. DrewRed Sox(BOS)8
OFCarl CrawfordDevil Rays(TAM)28
UBilly ButlerRoyals(KCR)1
PJohn LackeyAngels(ANA)22
PScot ShieldsAngels(ANA)1
PYorman BazardoTigers(DET)1
PTodd JonesTigers(DET)7
PKazuo FukumoriRangers(TEX)1
PShinji MoriDevil Rays(TAM)1
PMatt GuerrierTwins(MIN)1
PJ.J. PutzMariners(SEA)22
POctavio DotelWhite Sox(CHW)1