Saturday, July 30, 2005


New York Post Online Edition: sports

A $19 MM per year for three years OF liability in the NL?

And I thought pursuing Delgado to play 1B was a poor decision from a defense standpoint.

I know Minaya recognizes the marketing possibilities of Latin players, but, dude, there are tons and tons and tons of Latin players. There is no need to grab a headline one who isn't a good fit. (And despite Beltran's season so far, he was a great signing.)

Soriano would be a much better fit. And worst case, you let him walk after 2006, and the Mets will have paid him less than Manny would have gotten through 2006.

From a Roto perspective, a max FAAB bid on Manny is a no-brainer.

The rest is unconfirmable, but any starting player with Roto skills merits a $15+ bid at this point.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Manny Ramirez

New York Post Online Edition: sports

This may be missed amongst all the hoopla of trades this weekend.

Larry Lucchino told WEEI that this is the 4th straight year Manny has requested a trade. 4th?!?!?! This is only his 5th in Beantown!

If only other players could play so well in unhappy circumstances. (See Kevin Brown, Jeff Weaver, Javier Vasquez)


I like the deal for the Yanks because Chacon is young and provides me more comfort than Leiter, Nomo and TBA.

The two pitchers they surrendered where a little old for AA and will never appear to be good if they pitch in Colorado.

Chacon throws across his body and that always concerns me, but other than that, a good deal for the Yanks.

This is the equivalent of dealing a minor leaguer like Ryan Sweeney for Orlando Cabrera. Almost no risk on your part as Sweeney may never reach the majors and Cabrera could contribute across the board this season and will retain value next season.

(Where has Sweeney's power gone? Not that he had a lot but zero HRs this year?)


Dan Graziano of the Star-Ledger in Newark, NJ, reports the Mets and Rangers are close to a Cameron/Milledge/top pitching prospect for Soriano and Adrian Gonzalez.

That would be an incredible Rotisserie deal! Soriano is a max FAAB player, and Gonzlaez has definite 2006 value and would be a solid $15-$20 bid if he is added to the MEts roster.

Cameron would also merit a large FAAB bid as his SB and move to a hitter-friendly park would be more than offset the his negative AVG.

Milledge would become a 1st round draft pick next year. The pitching prospect may, too, but I would be extremely wary of drafting Texas minor leaguers. (See Mario Ramos.)

As for the effect on the real baseball league, the Mets get a power bat, a major-league starting B and a cheap 1B. The Rangers get a 7-day a week OF and a top OF prospect who may be a a seven-day-a-week one and another arm to parade out to the mound for the typical shelllacking.

Extra Innings

Before turining off the TV and going to sleep, I check the scroll on ESPN2 for the scores.

When I saw the Jays and Angels tied at 1 in the 15th, I immediately hoped Aaron Hill wasn't playing because such a low score had all the makings of a 1-6, 1-7, 1-8 night.

I wish, Hill was 0-6.

If I had had a midle reliver on either team or that night's starting pitcher, then I'd have had the opposite reaction as I'd have likely gotten an inning or two of no ER.

Unless of course I was in one of those runs where everything was going wrong. Then I'd have had the reliever who gave up the one run.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Jeff Francoeur

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Jeff Francoeur

Where are the bases-on-balls?

Jim Thome

Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/28/2005 | Phillies Notes | Manuel wants move before trade deadline

There is no doubt Ryan Howard is not available in any league worth a can of Morton's Salt, and that is only $0.99!

Howard is going to make Thome a constant trade rumor through next season.

Maybe Baltimore can deal Ponson for him?

New York Post Online Edition: sports

New York Post Online Edition: sports

To quote:
"He (Nats GM Jim Bowden) is the knight in the Black Forrest in the Monty Python movie without any arms or legs challenging someone to fight," an AL executive said."

That kind of wit leads me to think this unnamed AL executive would make an interesting blogger. I don't think he is because he could have easily found out that it is the Black Knight

Mets working hard to get Soriano

Mets working hard to get Soriano

Aaron Heilman is the sticking point????? He went back to his old delivery and has been much more effective. but isn't the fact that the Mets wanted to risk breaking what was not broken (his old delivery) a red flag?

Is is possible the Mets thought Heilman would injure his arm with his older mechanics?

And I am not saying this in order to preserve my desire to be a magnificent prognosticator!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New York Post Online Edition: sports

New York Post Online Edition: sports

A few comments after spending this morning surfing the 'net for trade rumors.

Soriano is arbitration-eligible. I had labored under the assumption he was a free agent as have a couple people I have spoke with. The fact that whichever major league club has him controls him for 2006 changes his already-great trade value immensely.

If any team deals a top prospect, it does not have to worry about Soriano walking at this season's-end.

Is he worth Mike Cameron, Lastings Milledge and another top prospect? Maybe not, but he is certainly a rarer commodity than an OF. In another article, sources say Jose Reyes is the one the Rangers opened negotiations with.

And how exactly, is he not a bargain at a $10 million salary for 2006? Shouldn't any writer who opines otherwise be fired for gross incompetence, and his editor be fired for allowing that into the article?

Why does Pittsburgh think they can get Jeremy Hermida or Scott Olson for any of their pitchers not named Oliver Perez? Have the 13-year-olds who play Yahoo! fantasy baseball taken over the front offices of MLB? Did I miss the Acne Revolution on the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post?

Eric Byrnes is too valuable to part with in Colorado? As if they don't have a couple handfuls of him plaing at a fraction of his salary. The bullshit is deep no argument there!

And finally, would Florida just take AJ Burnett and disappear? There are asking exhorbitant amounts for him. Do they really have to think about Brandon McCarthy and Damaso Marte for him? Don't they get afraid the Chisox will call there bluff and offer only one of them for the free-agent-to-be? I know I would, and I'd send them packing with a couple m*****f*****s to boot.

Nevin rejects trade to Orioles -

Nevin rejects trade to Orioles -

Why do the Padres insist on trading Nevin to teams on his no-trade list? First the Reds a couple years ago and now the Orioles.

And to show there is no good guys here, Nevin lets his agent tell the press he wouldn't be happy as a back-up.

Didn't he consider the consequences of exercising his contractual right? He must know the Padres do not want him. Didn't he make the decision knowing he'd be stuck in a crappy environment?

He deserves admiration for putting his family first, but none for acting as if that doesn't come with a cost - a crappy work place.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Source: Nevin Likely Will Accept Deal

Source: Nevin Likely Will Accept Deal

This looks like a classic my-shit-for-your-shit deal.

Ponson is Bartolo Colon minus the production. ( Although any person who lives in Aruba and gets fatter while there will always have my admiration.)

Nevin has morphed into a Petco-intimated girlyman.

The question is which one is worth anything. Nevin's production should increase with the change in ballparks. I'd grab him if there is an opening on your roster, but if you'd have to waive an Emil Brown for him, preserve your FAAB and wait for something better.

Ponson may be worth a flyer given the pitcher-friendly confines of Petco and the fact Big Sid will get to face the pitcher after every 8th hitter. My guess is he pitches a gem while on no ones team and then throws a stinker after a team successfully acquires him.

I'm staying away becuase I'd need to waive Kent Mercker. Use that as a gauge at how valuable I think Ponson will be. (I also anticipate Matt Cain being recalled and have nowhere else but Mercker's spot to activate him into.)

New York Daily News - Baseball - 'Sori' situation heats up

New York Daily News - Baseball - 'Sori' situation heats up

Makes sense as I've already commented.

That Texas is asking for Milledge seems fair given the opening of negotiations, but the Rangers can land quite a few excess arms from the Mets.

I'd comment on whether Milledge is the type of player Buck likes, but there is little chance that Buck's welcome won't have worn out by the time Milledge is ready for regular PT (2007).

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Robinson Cano

Yanks' Cano Playing as if He Belongs - New York Times

A very flattering article on Cano. If you like that sort of article, it is a nice read. Generally, I do not, but I am still in shock he went for $23 in my AL league, and now, I am beginning to accept that he will be an easy keeper (in a homer Yankee league) at that price. With that background, I read it.

Cano had gone undrafted in our minor league draft only a month earlier - partly due to lack of ability of the teams in the league and partly due to the unlikelihood the Yanks would not trade him after signing Tony Womack for two years. Even I passed him in favor of Elijah Dukes and Chris Young. And after a 2-23 start, I gave that decision no additional thought.

While Dukes and Young have done nothing to lead me to conclude I made a mistake, I do have some regrets in not recognizing a $20+ player. Now, I do not believe Cano is a $20+ player, but I accept others do. I am not adverse to participating in "greater fool" valuations. If another team will buy Cano at $23 then I can use a $23 Cano to get something I deem underr-valued, and to use something over-valued to do it makes it only more satisfying.

That is what bothers me and what keeps me interested in following Cano.

FWIW, I see Cano as a $15 +/- $4 - the same price all starting middle infielders fetch.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Austin Kearns

2-4 tonight.

Trade for him! If you have held on to him then consider him a great two+ month acquistion.

He's going to make the panickers rue their decisions.


Post #5

He homered tonight. The Nate Ravitzes and Matt Watsons of the world would never include him in anything as they are focused on MLB universe leagues.

Not here! Get him! He homered tonight. Again.

Only mixed leagues and very shallow NL-onlys could avoid him at no detriment.

Jason Giambi

10 HR this month. He's back as all the "experts" now report.

I have persistently advised to stick with him and attempt to get him at his lows.

Now he will be unavaible at anything less than $20 in value. His OPS is over .900 post-steroids, and unlike Sammy Sosa or Pudge Rodriguez, he is not noticably smaller.

If anything, he has the look of someone who works out hard and is eating food to maintian that regimen. This means he's eating meat and dairy.

Justin Morneau

Justin Morneau : - Justin Morneau Biography from

Sending him to AAA would make the Rangers feel they are playing thier bizarro counterparts.

With desparation seeming to be the aspiration for the Twins, sending Morneau down is a move away from achieving that goal.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Box Score

Three posts on John Rodriguez? What's a 4th?

He finished today 1-4 with a walk.

Given Tony LaRussa's proclivity towards demonstrable genius, I expect the 27 year-old rookie to play.

More JRod

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Box Score

Starting in CF and batting 2nd, So Taguchi and batting 6th and starting in RF, Hector Luna.

If JRod hits, there is no way he doesn't see 4+ starts per week.

John Rodriguez Update

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Box Score

JRod is in the starting line-up again.

Marlon Byrd vs John Rodriguez

The decision to cut either Marlon Byrd, an exciting HR/SB prospect a couple years ago, or recent STL call-up, John Rodriguez, was made.

Bye-bye, Byrdie.

Nats GM Jim Bowden suffers from OF-aphilia as evidenced by his claiming of Reds OF Kenny Kelly. The prior addition of $14 million man, Preston Wilson, had already relegated Byrd to, at best, a platton situation with legit ROY candidate, Ryan Church. Add-in Brad Wilkerson who is temproarily manning 1B for the oft-ibjured Nick Johnson, and one has a situation where full-time ABs for Byrd are presiged on multiple injuries.

John Rodriguez was crushing HRs in AAA. In STL, the reputationally oft-injured Reggie Sanders broke a leg which resulted in JRod's promotion. Add-in Larry Walkers 5-time-per-week availabaility and there is room for 10+ ABs per week in the OF.

Consider Scott Rolen's sore shoulder. In addition to being back-up OF, John Mabry is also the back-up 3B. With him filling-in at 3B, J Rod has one less back-up OF to compete with for ABs.

JRod hit a HR last night and could be a surprise 5-10 HR hitter the rest of the way. If you can, grab him.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Don't expect Thome back soon

Philadelphia Daily News | 07/20/2005 | Don't expect Thome back soon

The article suggests Thome is trying to wait out the July 31 non-waivers deadline.

It is silly. Just like Manny Ramirez passed through waivers unclaimed, Jim Thome would, too. And just like the Red Sox, the Phils would, "Praise Jesus!" if someone took him.

Soriano may follow A-Rod out

Star-Telegram | 07/20/2005 | Soriano may follow A-Rod out

A wise move by the Rangers if the team can land what it needs - startin pitching.

Is there any to reason to think the Mets wouldn't want another Hispanic player in exchange for Jae Seo/Aaron Heilman/Brian Bannister?

The Mets get a power bat who is under there control for 2006 and the Rangers add three arms.

(I don't think this is a Vinny-from-Queens-esque hypothetical, but I could be worng.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sources: Trade close for Marlins' Burnett, Lowell: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Sources: Trade close for Marlins' Burnett, Lowell: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Wow. Mark Redman going to Florida would halt the process of cutting him as his performance has taken a downturn and there is almost no risk in losing Ws as he was a Pirate.

Lowell going to Pittsburgh wouldn't change his value as the Pirates play in a pitcher-friendly park, too.

Daryle Ward would be worth a bid, though. Not a FAAB emptying one, but a mid-teens one. Burnett, clearly, would cause some team to empty out his FAAB.

Reports have Burnett not starting for the Marlins so expect this to go down very quickly.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Eric Reed

Minor League Baseball: Stats: Stats

If he is included in the O's/Marlins deal, then watch him.

He's got great speed (27 SB this season) and that is the one category 4X4 AL's always need.

O's Marlins deal

The hottest rumor has Baltimore acquiring Mike Lowell and AJ Burnett from the Marlins in exchange for Jorge Julio, Larry Bigbie and Hayden Penn.

Burnett and Lowell are legit FAAB candidates. Lowell's problems necessitate caution as does Burnett's change from the super-pitcher friendly NL to the AL East deathtrap. (see Carl Pavano.)

With that, if you are this close in Ws or HR/RBI, then you have to try.

On the NL side, Julio would garner some interest as a potentila closer and would be worth a few dollars as would Bigbie, whose production is half what I would have thought.

Florida is reportedly going to move Cabrera to 3B. This frees-up OF ABs for Bigbie to share with Conine. I would not discount Jeremy Hermida making the jump from AA. Look how well Jeff Francouer has done in ATL so far.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Report says team shopping Thome

Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/15/2005 | Report says team shopping Thome

Philly should deal him. The question is where.

First, the Phils won't deal him to a division rival so the Braves, mets, Nats and Marlins are not worth considering.

Second, any team that has been rumored to want Mike Sweeney must be considered as Sweeney has a similar contract with less power. Anaheim fits here, and the Angels have a loaded minor league system. Macier Izturis, to fill a utility role in Philly (Sorry Tomas Perez), Jeff Davanon, and a top prospect would be attractive.

Texas wanted Carlos Delgado to sign Carlos Delgado this past winter to DH. Thome could do the same and would cost much less (assuming Philly had to eat half or so of the remaining contract.) AAA C Gerald Laird would head the package.

The Indians would be interesting but Travis Hafner has the DH role all sewn-up unitl arbitration forces the Tribe to look in another direction.

Tampa Bay could fit well. Thome could play 1B/DH, and the Rays have the minor league arms and talent to make something work. Of course, Chuck Lamar is such a joke that he'd ask for Thome, Howard, and Myers and ask the Phillies to pay all his salary and then only offer Mark Hendrickson ans Travis Harper.

Finally, I think the Phils would hesitate to deal him to another NL team, but if they did, then the same ones who would wnat a $300,000 Ryan Howard to play 1B would also fit for a $15,000,000 Thome to play 1B - LA, and Houston.


I watched him pitch last night. My impresions are not good.

He was heavier, and none of his pitched broke 90. Most sat in the 85-88 MPH range per the YES network gun.

Do not be surprised to see him fail, but it was only one game and Schill will make adjustments. Failure will occur only if he cannot get his pitches to the 90+ level.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bailing Reflux

I've expressed these beliefs prior but still think they are appropriate now. Especially since the bailing landscape is more barren with the most coveted players having already been dealt.

My problem with bail trades involving contracts is the team that bails should be guaranteed no worse than a tie on the day after the season ends. This is always the case when the bailing team deals out-of-time players for ones who aren't. The usual example would be dealing an out-of-time Pujols for a pick. No matter what happens during the season, the bailing team is better off on Oct 1 with a 2nd rd pick than nothing. But if a bailing team deal out-of-time players for minor leaguers who are subsequently trade prior to the next season, the bailing team is still no worse off on the day after the season ends.

This also helps salve the wounds the other competitors endure when the competitive balance is kicked in the teeth by the bailing team.

Many bailing teams may not see it this way so I will frame it another way.

What occurs when fully-valued players and easy keepers are dealt is the kicked-in-teeth never improve and the bailing team does not automatically break even at season's end. And to make matters worse, the recipeint of the bail trade still has pieces to deal to improve their team for the following season.

What can occur is the bail piece gets hurt or traded out of the league. Here the recipeint gets the best end of the 2005 trade and the best end of the 2006. This should be avoided.

And the competitive balance was still shat all over. In this case the teams competing in 2005 and the bailing team lose.

All this risk is eliminated by not dealing fully-valued players and easy keepers. And the forces of vetoing trades are held at bay.

This expresses my views on my increasingly anti-bail trades position and the insidious influence fo the 5th column, the vetoing trades forces.
Let the trading begin!

The P-dub trade to WAS took place as previously reported. The biggest loser in Marlon Byrd as he will be behind P-dub in CF and Wilkerson and Church in LF. With Guillen locked into RF, there is nowhere for him to play.

When circumstances dictate, let him go.

Eric Byrnes to COlorado will see an immedite bump in Byrnes value to the high teens based solely on the Colorado premium. He has been a major disappointment in Oakland. If whatever ails him at seas level is exacerbated by the thin air of Colorado, then his successful bid will only disappoint.

I am bidding for him and will likely go into the teens, but I do not want to go any higher as I am more inclined to believe he will disappoint and/or be dealt again.

The current Colorado OF has Byrnes, Cory Sullivan, Dustan Mohr, Jorge Piedra, maybe JJ Davis and Ryan Spilborghs, until Matt Holliday returns. With Hawpe due back in a couple weeks and Jeff Salazaar at AAA, none of the current players are likely to be in the line-up every day for an extended period of time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

All Star break

One more day, and it is over.

I hate the All-Star break not because players get three days off and Roto comes to a halt, but because I can't stand reading obsequious articles about the game.

It sucks. The best part of the All-Star break was the Futures game, but Selig & Co. moved it to Sunday. I guess it took away from the All-Star festivity stupidity of the HR contest.

Why in all Hell would Jason Stark write about that?!?!? In this case, I am glad for the Insider wall that prevents its perusal.

What I like about the Futures game is it is a chamce for independently-selected minor leaguers to be seen on national TV. By "independently-selected" I mean the manager of the AL team or NL team doesn't get to lard-up his roster with his own players a la Joe Torre.

The ones who select the teams have vested interest in picking the right future stars. MLB managers only need to placate their own players.

A couple thoughts from the futures game:

1. Joal Zumaya threw gas. I should have drafted him this past season.

2. Chris Young was effortless fielding. I'm glad I drafted him this past season.

3. Y. Betancourt of Seattle flashed serious leather. Michale Morse had better not get used to SS in Seattle. I'll draft him next year.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ESPN Insider

Peter Gammons' article was available only to the fools who pay ESPN $39.95 a year to access their increasingly-worthless content.

I despise ESPN as a site for its annoying pop-ups and various other ads that cause the page to slowly come-up. And making its content subscriber-only makes the ads even more annoying.

It is time to block the site, and, Gammons will go the way of Rob Neyer - unread. - Gammons: Farm foundation - Gammons: Farm foundation

Friday, July 08, 2005

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Nationals to trade for Rockies OF Wilson

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Nationals to trade for Rockies OF Wilson

At first glance, this looks like another example of Jim Bowden's outfielder-philia, but a closer look reveals a dumping of Zach Day as much as acquiring P-Dubya.

It is a great trade for the Rockies as they get a decent SP albeit one who should be avoided at all costs now, and an OF body albeit one that has never shown to be more than a AAAA. However, Colorado could make JJ a decent 13th, 14th or 15th player on a Roto offense.

A loser in this is Marlon Byrd. I'd rank it as much a loser for him as the decrease in his power! (28 HR in AA Reading in 2001 to zero in 2005)

If you have a stocked roster with Byrd occupying a slot and nowhere to activate Jeff Francouer, go ahead and cut Byrd.

Corey Patterson

Wow. From 30/30 candidate to AAA, the fall has been precipitous.

If Patterson had a friendly salary, then try to acquire him. If he was fully-priced, then he is likely to be cheaper next draft and would then be unworthy of the effort.

The gamble is whether or not he returns to Chicago (or another NL team via trade) quickly. If he does not, then what you pay for him would likely be too much. If he does, and he returns to form, then what you paid would likely make you the winner in the transaction.

Personally, I dealt Patterson for Brett Myers, and until yesterday, had generally been dissatisfied with the deal as Myers has been mediocre since my acquistion.

Right now, the player to own is Jerry Hairston. On another personal note, I had acquired him in a bail trade a few weeks ago in hopes he would be dealt to Colorado in a Preston Wilson deal. I was correct that Hairston would see an increase in value but incorrect in where that increase would occur.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Melky Cabrera

Trenton Thunder?- PressReleases

Wow! From AA to the bigs in half a season.

Grab him for 2006 at a minimum. Got an open spot, grab him. What do you have to lose?


As the closer? There is something wrong that we are not being told.

My guess is the ankle still bothers him.

If he can close like Smoltz then he will be a plus this year. Unfortunately, a 100 innings with great ratios and Ws would have been better.

And what is with Johnny Damon spouting off in the press about how bad this move is?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Jeff Salazaar

The Rockies promoted AA CF Jeff Salazaar to AAA.

I take this as a signal that Preston Wilson will be traded (no genius insight there), but more importantly, that the Piedra/Sullivan/Mohr monster in CF will not last beyond the next few weeks.

Salazaar had an OBP near .400 in AA with less than two handfuls of HRs and just over 10 SB. Those are not necessicarily promotable numbers. That is why I conclude the current CF monster in Colorado is not long for the job.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pavano and Womack

In one league I am in, the Southington CT $10 million dollar man went for $29. Tony Womack went for $27.

Giambi went for $15.

Half way through the season and the best value is Giambi although Womack holds out hope for a trade to the NL so his owner can recoup $27 FAAB, and Pavano can always be cut to make room under the cap.

So their owners got that going for them.

Adam Dunn : - Adam Dunn Biography from

If the Astros are so stupid as to pass on this because Astacio and Bucholtz happen to be ranked in the top four of the Astros pitching prospects, then they deserve to stink.

Heck, if the Reds dealt Dunn for those three pitching prospects, they deserve to stink!

Jim Thome Career Statistics

Jim Thome Career Statistics

Speaking of Thome, look at his minor league numbers and the jump in HR from 1992 to 1993.

1989: 0 HR 186 ABs GCL
1990: 16 HR 235 ABs A
1991: 8 HR 543 ABs AA
1992: 5 HR 272 ABs AA/AAA/MLB
1993 32 HR 564 ABs AAA/MLB

Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard : - Ryan Howard Biography from

Can the national sportswriters put to rest the false meme that Howard failed in his previous stint in the majors?

Jeez, he goes 4-8 with a HR this weekend, and he looks like he is doing well on the season - .275 with 2 HR.

Needless to say, the Phils got themselves a $60million problem.

Jason Giambi

Yahoo! Sports - MLB - Box Score

He hit his 3rd HR in two days. Is he back? If you think not, then he may not have much more value than right now as other teams will have higher hopes.

Salary Caps

This is one of the more overlooked factors in a bail trade.

When you receive a $35 Richie Sexson for a $3 Emil Brown, you should consider the fact you will be stopped from adding any other big pieces. Is Sexson enough of an upgrade over Brown to preclude you from going after any of the other highest-priced players in your league?

Will Brown continue to out-AVG Sexson? If he does, is the $32 additional cap lost opportunity worth it for the 5-10 HR difference?

Will the extra 5-10 HR Sexson will yield worth the easy $3 keeper that Brown will be next draft?

Friday, July 01, 2005

Joe Torre

Goes to bat for his players. His defense of Giambi is admirable as Giambi deserves creidt for not perjuring himself or insinuating he'd quit on any team that acquired him.

But Torre needs to back-off. He has done his duty to his players.

Maybe the beatwriters need to think of some original questions?

More Thome

He's battled injuries but has anyone else noticed how similar Thome and Giambi have been this season?

Jim Thome


Where did this injury come form?

Needless to say, grab Howard. The buffoons who claimed he failed in his brief appearance earlier checked out after his 1st 18 Abs. He was 5-10 with a tater after that, but as I have said earlier, sportswriters are lazy and cut as many corners as possible then use each others reports to support their own.

Mark Kotsay

Mark Kotsay Career Statistics

I don't get all the hoopla surrounding Mark Kotsay. To read the press reports, he's a great player. To read reports that he can't be had in a trade without paying the most outrageous of demands i.e Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera and Phillip Hughes, I am left baffled.

He is a 10-15 HR 31-year-old being paid $7 million. Am I missing something or is a $300,000 23-year-old 2B with the same current power worth more? A lot more?

My guess (and casting dispersions will never stop me) is the national writers, specifically Peter Gammons, are so thick with Billy Beane that they willing participate as usefull idiots for his trade negotiating.

And given the laziness that seems to be a major qualification for being a sports reporter, other ones pick-up the cue from the national reporters and further spread the disinformation.

As Kotsay does not have the career to back-up the hype, this is the simplest explanation.

Moneyball Still Might Be a Factor

Moneyball Still Might Be a Factor or Why We Hate DePodesta

Scroll to the bottom of the article where DePodesta's 2005 acquistions are listed. Is it really fair to include Scott Erickson? Doesn't every team sign journeyman bums?

As for acquiring Adam Dunn, the Dodgers have the minor league talent to do it. It would be a great trade.

My only concern is whether Jim Tracy would play a big, powerful lefty-hitting 1B who takes a lot of walks but hits sub-.250.
Yanks Feed NY Media Disinformation To Excuse Them from Failing to Improve Team

That not the real headline, but it is the way trade rumors should be viewed.

The whopper in this one are Oakland asking for Cano, Cabrera and Hughes for $7MM 10-HR OF Mark Kotsay.

A couple of other nuggets do arise though. The first is Texas asked for Wang and Cano and offered Soriano. If true, then Soriano could be the involved innthe blockbuster trade of the summer. There hasn't been any talk since the Spring of Soriano changing uniforms, but the Rangers do have Ian Kinsler at AAA. There is also little chance the Rangers would committ to the $12+ million per year he would want in free agency especially with Blalock and Texeria becoming free agents within the length of the contract.

The other interesting nugget is the Big Stein is asking why melky Cabrera could not get a shot 2005 shot at playing CF. I guess when you have men's league level defense in the OF, anyone professional OF is , at minimum, a lateral move.