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"Q: Dave H from Savannah asks:
If Jay Bruce, Justin Upton, and Clayton Kershaw were still eligible, do they take 1-2-3 ahead of Price/Wieters?

A: Jim Callis: I think Wieters still would be No. 1. And I would take Price ahead of those three as well."


Sunday, February 22, 2009

AL-Only 2B

Remember, these dollar values are based on Baseball Prospectus' Player Forecast Manager and use PECOTA's projected stats.

Kinsler IanTEX32.96
Roberts BrianBAL29.78
Ramirez AlexeiCHA24.68
Pedroia DustinBOS23.38
Lopez JoseSEA16.38
Kendrick HowieLAA14.72
Derosa MarkCLE14.35
Cano RobinsonNYA14.1
Aviles MikeKCA12.55
Ellis MarkOAK11.96
Polanco PlacidoDET11.22
Casilla AlexiMIN10.91
Iwamura AkinoriTBA9.67
Harris BrendanMIN9.36
Cabrera AsdrubalCLE9.19
Izturis MaicerLAA9.09
Nix JaysonCHA8.95
Punto NickMIN8.66
Hill AaronTOR8.55
Scutaro MarcoTOR7.17
Inglett JoeTOR6.29
Callaspo AlbertoKCA4.44
Cedeno RonnySEA3.21
Rodriguez SeanLAA3.02

Friday, February 20, 2009

NL-Only 1B

Pujols AlbertSLN30.4
Berkman LanceHOU24.05
Votto JoeyCIN22.48
Howard RyanPHI21.54
Fielder PrinceMIL21.11
Atkins GarrettCOL19.85
Lee DerrekCHN19.72
Gonzalez AdrianSDN18.22
Delgado CarlosNYN17.46
Loney JamesLAN15.37
Cantu JorgeFLO15.1
Laroche AdamPIT13.67
Tracy ChadARI10.93
Kotchman CaseyATL10.76
Blake CaseyLAN9.54
Helton ToddCOL9.09
Baker JeffCOL8.92
Belliard RonWAS8.25
Ishikawa TravisSFN7.35
Sanchez GabrielFLO6.99
Duncan ChrisSLN5.86

Thursday, February 19, 2009

AL-Only 1B

Cabrera MiguelDET28.88
Teixeira MarkNYA24.87
Davis ChristopherTEX20.1
Morneau JustinMIN19.8
Youkilis KevinBOS16.82
Huff AubreyBAL16.51
Butler BillyKCA16.13
Guillen CarlosDET15.9
Pena CarlosTBA15.12
Swisher NicholasNYA13.79
Konerko PaulCHA13.66
Blalock HankTEX13.05
Jacobs MikeKCA12.62
Giambi JasonOAK10.31
Overbay LyleTOR10.09
Garko RyanCLE9.31
Barton DaricOAK8.06

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NL-Only Catcher

Mccann BrianATL18.85
Martin RussellLAN18.3
Soto GeovanyCHN15.13
Doumit RyanPIT11.22
Iannetta ChristopherCOL10.21
Molina BenSFN8.14
Snyder ChrisARI6.83
Flores JesusWAS6.56
Towles J.R.HOU5.95
Molina YadierSLN5.93
Hernandez RamonCIN5.89
Hundley NicholasSDN4.53
Baker JohnFLO4.45
Castro RamonNYN4.09
Kendall JasonMIL3.86
Schneider BrianNYN3.72
Montero MiguelARI3.58
Ruiz CarlosPHI3.56
Rabelo MichaelFLO2.5
Jaramillo JasonPIT2.17
Hall TobyHOU2.02
Torrealba YorvitCOL2.01
Rivera MikeMIL1.99
Nieves WilWAS1

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AL Top Catchers

Using Baseball Prospectus' Player Forecast Manager, here are the top 24 AL catchers. I have included just the dollar values calculated to take the focus from counting stats and put more on AVG.

If you question why a player is so low or so high, AVG is typically the reason.

Mauer JoeMIN16.42
Wieters MattBAL15.32
Napoli MichaelLAA14.83
Clement JeffreySEA13.06
Martinez VictorCLE9.3
Inge BrandonDET8.83
Shoppach KellyCLE7.82
Saltalamacchia JarrodTEX7.52
Navarro Dioner TBA7.46
Laird GeraldDET6.99
Suzuki KurtOAK6.59
Pierzynski A.J.CHA6.18
Johjima KenjiSEA5.3
Posada JorgeNYA4.95
Buck JohnKCA4.25
Barajas RodTOR3.97
Varitek JasonBOS3.57
Olivo MiguelKCA3.4
Mathis JeffreyLAA2.5
Barrett MichaelTOR2.05
Bard JoshBOS2
Teagarden TaylorTEX1.59
Zaun GreggBAL1.14
Molina JoseNYA1

Friday, February 13, 2009

St. Louis Cardinals 2B

02/12/2009 - Strauss Q-&-A: On 2B, Kennedy timing, trades and more -

"'Mo' insists there is no outside help on the way at second base. They're going to sink or swim based on what's in the organization. The manager provided the strongest push for jettisoning Kennedy. If [Brian] Barden, [Joe] Thurston, [Brendan] Ryan, [Khalil] Greene, [Jarret] Hoffpauir and Skip [Schumaker] fail, Mark Grudzielanek remains on the market."

I wonder if AAA 3B David Freese could move to 2B. Adding a 20 HR 2B-eligible player is always nice. I'm thinking Brendan Ryan is the favorite, though.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baseball Prospectus' Player Forecast Manager

Baseball Prospectus | Unfiltered

As I write, there are major problems with the Player Forecast Manager. Normally, I'd skip past the occasional inclusion of a minor leaguer, but the total salaries sum to $3120 ($260 cap times 23 rosters slots equals $3120).

This means the mistakes are taking actual draft dollars from legitmate players. Amongst the glaring errors - Michael Madsen $43.78, Brad Knox $32.68, Jamie Moyer $40.97, Jordan Zimmerman $34,30, etc. If these mistakes were made at the low end of the salaries, I'd ignore them despite the misallocation, but when the mistakes involve the elite salaries, I can't ignore it.

FWIW, the setting I used did not include an inflation calculation and KRod came out at $58.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Best Fantasy Baseball Names Contest - FakeTeams

4th Annual Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Names Contest - FakeTeams

It is that time of year. Time for fantasy baseball names! I am running my fourth annual Best Fantasy Baseball Names contest over at Fake Teams. You've got a week or so.

Even if you don't enter, there are links aplenty to previous year's entries and winners to provide you with the cleverness to wow your league mates even if your drating skills do not.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cleveland Indians Fantasy News

Tribe infield could see shift - Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball News -

"The two big moves that may or may not take place involve All-Star catcher Victor Martinez becoming a semiregular first baseman and an infield shift that would send Jhonny Peralta from short to third, Asdrubal Cabrera from second to short and Mark DeRosa from third to second."

Kick-up the value of C Kelly Shoppach. Drop the value of 1B Ryan Garko. Watch out Shin-Soo Choo, Dave Dellucci and Ben Francsico. Matt LaPorta has to play somewhere, and Travis Hafner has $48MM reasons over the next four seasons why it won't be DH.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Matt Wieters PECOTA Projection

Sit down. If you're a PECOTA fan and believer, you are going to either be thrilled or sunken. Baltimore Orioles' catching prospect Matt Wieters has his 2009 PECOTA projection.

He is going to be the Albert Pujols of catchers if it comes close to being correct - 31 HRs, 102 RBIs, .311/.395/.544.