Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Future Shock: Monday Ten Pack

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Monday Ten Pack: "Brett Jackson, OF, Cubs (Double-A Tennesee)
After getting plunked in back-to-back games Friday and Saturday, Jackson needed a day off on Sunday, but he got the day off for all the right reasons, as it was time to pack his stuff for a move to Double-A. Jackson had clearly become too good for the Florida State League, batting .410 in his last 20 games while slugging .783, and scouts who have seen him of late are absolutely baffled as to how he lasted 31 picks in last year's draft. He strikes out more than one would like, but that might be the only hole in his game, as he's a patient hitter with at least average raw power, well above-average speed, good center field skills, and a strong arm. Right now, it's a nearly perfect combination of tools and production, and if he can keep producing in the Southern League, next year's spring training could be interesting."

I'm guessing a Top 25 hitting prospect next March.

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