Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't Waste Time On Handcuffs

No, this isn't advice to the local Police Department in a town full of Tim Tebows. It applies to wasting a bench spot for the back-up RB to an elite RB. If Maurice Jones-Drew goes down, his back-up isn't good enough.

Fantasy Football Index: "So projected third-down backs like Westbrook, Darren Sproles, Brandon Jackson and even aged Kevin Faulk could turn out to be 7- to 8-point per week guys, at a minimum, even if they never start a game. And that makes them usable players. Weeks they catch 5 passes for 50 yards and rush for 20-30 yards....well, I think Westbrook might have a few of those, too."


Anonymous said...

The bottom line with 'cuffs is you want SOMETHING if that RB production on your team goes down mid-season, when there is probably nothing left on the wire to backfill with. If you lose MJD, sure it's going to hurt bad, but most of the time their handcuffs have very nice upside if thrown into a starting role (Karim or Jennings) in that same system. You'll want something over a non starter that's left on the wire or saving that bench spot for a 6-7th WR? A little CYA never hurts if the player is legit (Turner to LT) and the system is explosive and you have the room and there's nothing better on the wire! Cuff or get stuffed.

IMHO said...

That's conventional thinking which takes no consideration of the value of a bench spot. or the opportunity cost if you prefer.

With the NFL moving towarda a time share at RB, handcuffs have turned into players who aren't good enough to be on the field for 10 toucehs per game.