Monday, January 17, 2011

If CarGo falls....

Fantasy Baseball 2011 Mock Draft, Round 1 - Roto Arcade - Fantasy  - Yahoo! Sports:

"5. Carlos Gonzalez(notes), OF, Colorado Rockies – Naysayers strongly emphasize to never pay for a career year, but the axiom simply doesn’t apply to CarGo. Yes, his sub-80 contact percentage suggests his .336 BA from ’10 is unrepeatable, but, even if his totals sag slightly, last year’s No. 1 commodity in Y! leagues will be one of virtual baseball’s most reliable multi-cat bats. An uptick in power is also possible. Keep in mind he’s still just 25. –Brad Evans"

A Sub-80% contact rate implies more than a "sag slightly". If says, CarGo will be closer to Mike Cameron than 2010 Cargo.

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