Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Alex Rodriguez And HGH

Alex Rodriguez to meet with feds over HGH; doc ties - NYPOST.com

"The feds likely want to ask Rodriguez what, if any, treatment he received from the doctor whose specialty is plasma replacement therapy, which is designed to quicken the rehab process."

Am I the only one having deja vu with BALCO and their supplements? Do we know what goes into the plasma replacement?


Anonymous said...

Ray here-totally agree. you know the saying-"where there's smoke, there's fire."
It's nice that we know who was involved though, unlike the players who tested positive back in '03.

Anonymous said...

Ray again-I am curious when we will hear officially if these guys were taking HGH or not? Opening Day perhaps? This will put the screws to the union to adopt HGH testing soon.

IMHO said...

I just keep thinking there is plausible deniability on the athlete's part. Combine with the fact that player's appear to turn to HGH to help with inuries. Then move the to the miracle of the new treatment plasma replacement.