Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Like A Car Accident You Can't Stop Looking At

Two Days of Madison Bumgarner | FanGraphs Baseball:

"Having been armed Sunday with a Jugs-brand radar gun — thanks to Bubblegum Baron/Hefty Lefty Rob Nelson and his “connections” — I’m able to announce with some certainty that Bumgarner was a tick or two higher in terms of fastball velocity, pitching in the 89-92 mph range for most of the game.

That’s not to say, however, that his outing was fantastic. Yes, he only allowed a single run on only four hits, but walked as many as he struck out (three of each) and conceded a couple of fly balls that, were they struck by anyone besides Sean Kazmar, might have been more damaging. Moreover, his fastball showed little in terms of movement, nor did his secondary pitches pose much of a challenge to the Portland batting order."

I gambled Madison Bumgarner was done when, much to the teeth-gnashing of my league mates, I dealt Bumgarner for Jeff Francouer, Tyler Colvin and Michael Burgess in an NL-Only 4x4 keeper league.

Still, I want him to either do well or crap the bed.

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