Sunday, January 15, 2012

Early Thoughts on Drafting

With starting pitching appearing to be the du jour hot item for 2012 drafts, I remain unconvinced. If we are in a golden age of elite fantasy SP, then is that a function of pitcher skills or a decreased hitting ability.

The first condition would lead to a strategy of drafting particular SP earlier than prior conventional wisdom sugested as that player had the results and track record to hold value throughout the season. An example would be Roy Halladay. It would not be Zack Greinke.

If the second condition is leading reason to draft SP early i.e. two of top three picks or three of top five, then I suggest sticking to time tested drafting strategy. Take hitting early i.e. four of first five picks are hitters.

If decreased offensive production is the new rule, then those elite hitters will be much better than their alternatives. That is not particularly informative, but this next point should be.

If offense is down across the board, then there will be many SP whose numbers will be good enough to be middling in the ratios while your hitting will exceed the efforts of the SP heavy teams.

So disregarding prior draft strategies for the newest CW may not doing anything but litter your roster with middling offense that can only improved by dealing that SP.

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