Friday, January 27, 2012

Guess Who?

One of the toughest tasks in fantasy baseball is properly valuing players who have recently broken out after years of non-production versus name brand stars. Can you tell me who is a first round pick?

Player A: .308 AVG, 29 HR, 103 RBI, 8 SB 1B-eligible only
Player B: .303 AVG, 31HR, 95 RBI, 2 SB 1B- and OF-eligible.

And this comparison in a 2012 draft that rates 1B as somewhat scare albeit enormously top-heavy.


Mike said...

I was guessing Votto & Morse but the stats are just a little off.

Ray said...

Ray here

I thought the same.....who is the 30-95 hitter?

IMHO said...

Correct. It is Votto and Morse.

In 4x4, the big Runs difference is no longer important. From a risk perspective, Votto has better skills.

From a value perspective, Morse looks to be better.