Monday, January 16, 2012

Strawman Alert?

I went to Mock Draft Central and checked ADPs. The Expert ADP list of seven expert mock drafts did support my recent assertions about drafting SP early.

The regular ADP ranks did - overwhelmingly!

As more and more fantasy baseball content is produced for the upcoming season, I will be watching which set of ADP takes the lead.

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Brett Barton said...

I have conducted numerous drafts at MDC this year. I have been experimenting with drafting 7 hitters then 7 pitchers. I am happy with my SPs and still getting very quality Closers too. Your thoughts?

IMHO said...

Are you taking the pitcher first in the top third of the draft? Is this every other hitter picking?

Brett Barton said...

Its 7 straight hitters then 7 sraight pitchers. I have been able to pick up Matt Moore, Anibel Sanchez, Adam Wainright, and Chris Carpenter recently using this method.

IMHO said...

That definitely works. Which hitters did you get 5, 6, and 7? i ask because I wonder if the value at those points is better for pitching