Sunday, May 23, 2010

Future Shock: Always Bet on Tools

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Always Bet on Tools:

"While the use of statistical analysis has grown in leaps and bounds, especially from the college side of things, tools still rule the day when it comes to the draft, so let's focus on the best tools from the top prospects available, beginning with position players."

With regret, I allowed my Baseball Prospectus subscription expire. No longer was I finding its regular baseball coverage interesting outside of Future Shock and Under The Knife. And its fantasy coverage has always been so poor I couldn't read it.

Throw-in some free content, linked above, and access through ESPN Insider, and I could no longer justify the subscription.


Bill said...

I agree and did the same thing!

IMHO said...

Barriers to entry are too easy in sports analysis. A data set and a spreadsheet is all one needs.

Pitch F/X may be a possible avenue for something new, but there is no way is can be applied historically the way the foundation hitting and pitching statisitcs are.