Friday, May 14, 2010

Phil Hughes Explained?

Chat: Chat with Keith Law - SportsNation - ESPN:

"Phil (DC) After the 2008 season, it seemed like expectations on Phil Hughes were being tempered -- maybe he wasn't as good as the Yankees had predicted. This season (and last) he's been the real deal. What's his ceiling at this point? Thank you.

Klaw (1:06 PM) Number 1 or 2 starter ceiling. He's a different guy now - the addition of the cutter not only gives him another weapon but offsets the straight four-seamer; he seems to have benefited from the apprenticeship in the bullpen, which may be tied to his increased confidence and aggressiveness. I saw him several times prior to 2009 and he was primarily a two-pitch guy whose fastball didn't move and who didn't handle adversity well; now he's a 3-4 pitch guy with the cutter to keep hitters from sitting on the four-seamer and who doesn't seem so easily fazed. I'm not sure that the starter->reliever->starter thing was ever the Yanks' plan, but it's working out and I hope it encourages more teams to break in young starters as relievers."

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