Monday, May 31, 2010

Stephen Strasburg Trade Value

With the recall of Stephen Strasburg iminent, interest in acquiring him should skyrocket. There a many factors involved in properly valuing him. The biggest one is what his expected performance is, but there are others that are actually known with certainty.

Are you in a keeper league? What categories count? Is there an innings limit? IF you answer "Yes, "Ks" and "Yes", Strasburg's trade value increases over his trade value in 2010.

While expected performance is unknowable, there is another unmeasurable but relevent factor to consider. Should his owners expect a premium for the lost opportunity cost of holding Strasburg for two months in a reserve slot?

My answer is "Yes" but good luck realizing that cost is you have had Strasburg occupied 33% of your reserve spots for the past two months.

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