Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MLB Trade Rumors: Prince Fielder to Red Sox

Chat: Chat with Jerry Crasnick - SportsNation - ESPN:

"Mitchell (Milwaukee, WI) Do you see Prince Fielder being traded at the trade deadline?? If so to who?? What about a prince for clay bucholtz and lars anderson deal to the sox?

Jerry Crasnick (12:07 PM) Mitchell, With the Brewers going nowhere, I assume that Doug Melvin will explore the trade landscape for Fielder provided that owner Mark Attanasio is on board. I really don't see the Red Sox as a fit. The DH and first baseman are the two best hitters on the team right now. And it would be extremely difficult for them to part with Clay Buchholtz, the way he's pitching right now."

Presuming the Brewers insist on receiving Clay Buchholz. Given this is a finance-driven decision for both teams - the BRewers to avoid paying and the Red Sox on the hook to pay, elite prospects for an overweight 1B seems unlikely.

Lars Anderson and Josh Reddick would head the package.

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