Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Better 2011 2B?

Rickie weeks or Ian Kinsler? Ian Kinsler will be the 2011 version of the 2010 Weeks - drafted later and produces better.


Anonymous said...

Guess your done for the year? How do your advertisers feel about that?

IMHO said...

Advertsiers? What adverstisers? Google Ads does not count.

Back in the days before SBNation decided to take all the advertising opportunities from the talent and give it to the VC and "Senior Mgt", I'd answer your question by telling you that I will continue to produce content until the last advert contract expired. (Which i did at Fake Teams BTW).

Now, I am no longer shackled to providing content unless I am so inspired.

The door is open to continue and discontinue as my life and financial situation allow.

If I were one of the lucky few to be paid something livable to provide insight on par and above most of the fantasy sports industry, I would do this full-time.

But that isn't how the Fiefdoms in Fantasy Sports work.