Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stop The Type A Crap!

Chat: Chat with Jerry Crasnick - SportsNation - ESPN: "Mark, I address this in the Starting 9 today. Downs is very good, but he projects as a Type A free agent. So if the Blue Jays offer him salary arbitration in December and he signs elsewhere, Toronto receives two draft picks in return. The return in trade has to be better than that, so GM Alex Anthopoulos is asking for a lot in return. My guess is that he's not going anywhere."

Will the Blue Jays risk Scott Downs accepting arbitration because no team is going to fork over a 1st round pick for a lefty reliever?

There are a couple of big assumptions that come with Type A. The team will offer it and risk a loss at the arbitrationt able and another team will pay the draft pick cost to sign the Type A free agent.

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