Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MLB Trade Rumors: Prince Fielder In Scott Boras' View

Boras offers his rebuttal - JSOnline:

"I just figured the fair thing to do was to give both sides of this particular issue. Boras has the right to defend his client, just as Olney or any blogger has the right to offer his opinion and insight.
As I wrote in my earlier blog, it's highly unlikely that the Brewers will pay Boras' asking price for Fielder. He's going to shoot for top dollar. That's his style, that's his philosophy, and he usually gets it with his elite clients.
The Brewers are aware of that, which is why I predict that they will trade Fielder at some point, probably during the off-season when they have more time and more teams in the mix to construct a deal to their liking."

With the reported demands of Teixeira money, Fielder's trade value is highest for those teams with a 2010/2011 long-term financial commitment. I can see the Red Sox being a perfect fit assuming Youkilis can handle 3B at the level the defense-minded Sox would expect.

FWIW, click through the link to get an idea why Boras defies the popular opinions of the media.

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