Friday, July 23, 2010

What Are The Boston Red Sox Doing Via Trade?

Boston Red Sox - It’s time for them to get a move on - The Boston Globe: "Red Sox assistant general manager Allard Baird was at the Marlins-Rockies game last night in Miami. Baird’s whereabouts are usually significant, because it’s an indication of what the team may be considering. The Rockies have a catcher, Chris Iannetta, who would fit well with the Sox, in that he doesn’t have to be the starter when Victor Martinez comes back but is capable of starting. Iannetta would also provide power and better overall offense than the healthy catchers they have. The Rockies may have a reliever or two (lefthanders Joe Beimel and Randy Flores) who could help the Sox, and the Marlins have a reliever (Leo Nunez) and hitters (Dan Uggla, who could be moved to the outfield, or Cody Ross) who could add some spark."

Personally, I believe jed Lowrie was rushed back to the majors after a mere 30 ABs in the minors in order to showcase him ahead of the July 31st deadline.

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