Sunday, July 18, 2010

MLB Trade Market for Pitching - Jon Heyman -

With Cliff Lee gone, assessing MLB trade market for pitchers - Jon Heyman - "1. Dan Haren, Diamondbacks, starting pitcher. One GM said he heard the asking price for Haren, who is reasonably salaried (he's due $12.75M next season) for a bona fide young ace and signed through 2012, is two starters plus bullpen help. Good luck identifying the team that can meet that price. Another GM said he concluded Haren isn't really available at all, but yet another GM insisted, 'All their guys except (Justin) Upton and maybe (Ian) Kennedy are available.' With Arizona wanting to revamp, there surely is some price for Haren -- though it's understandably high."

Ian Kennedy?

Personally, Mark Reynolds is the player I would look to deal if I were running the D'backs. Breaking the K-problem rather than dealing SP is what the team has to do, and Reynolds should fetch a good package.

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