Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are You Crazy? Jose Tabata

The Roundtable on Fantasy Pros 911 has a regular segment Are You Crazy. This week it was Jose Tabata can be a Top 20 overall fantasy player this year.

The rational was his stolen bases would increase and he would hit 15 homeruns thanks to adding 20 pounds of muscle in the off season.

Totally crazy. If Tabata added that much weight, i would expect his speed to suffer. He was caught 7 times in 26 attempts last season. Holding that total steady, a better likelihood if he added a stone and a half of wieght, would simply make him Ian Desmond without the SS eligibility.


Anonymous said...

Ray here-easy on my Jose. Between AAA and the bigs, he stole 44 bags in 57 attempts....for a 77% success rate. Manager Clint Hurdle will have the Buccos running more this season. I can see 35-40 SBs for Jose.
WRT to power increase....I can see 10 at the most.

IMHO said...

Not feeling the love for Tabata. 15 lbs on the guy would lead me to think slowed down and trying for HRs.