Saturday, February 26, 2011

Talking My Book: Wil Venable

I can lead the horse to water....

"Will Venable has the legs for larceny and, as of now, more license.

The Padres’ foremost base stealer has been given a green light and a strategic imperative to ramp up the running game. If the Home Team is to compensate for the loss of slugger Adrian Gonzalez, it may have to do much of it in 90-foot increments.

“One through eight, I want our guys to have the mindset that we’re creating tension for the opposition,” Padres coach Dave Roberts said Friday at the Padres’ spring training complex. “(And) It’s going to start with Will this year on the offensive end..."

Drafted him for a $1 in the Roto-Arcade Pro-Am.

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