Sunday, February 20, 2011 - If Sleepers Existed Part 1 - If Sleepers Existed Part 1:

"Emilio Bonifacio, of, Florida: He stole 12 bases last year and was not caught at all, this in only 73 games. It looks as though he's going to get lots of playing time in center field in 2011 and while there's no hope of any power, the speed makes him at least worth some attention."

I'm always happy to find validation for sleepers who I have to possibility to protect. My guess is Bonifacio gets 20 games at 3B as I can't believe the Marlins will stick Matt Dominguez at 3B when the consensus in the scouting community is he can't hit for a 3B.

Why not send him to AAA for two months and save a year of eliginility?

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