Friday, February 25, 2011

Matt Thortons Everywhere!

Chris Ray, Joey Devine could be in line for saves if all goes well for them - Fantasy Baseball - ESPN:

"If there's one major league division in which the closer situations remain at least somewhat up in the air, it's clearly the American League West."

Last season, Matt Thorton picked-up 8 saves. Take a look around the American league. There are proven closers in middle relief everywhere. Expect to see several Matt Thortons - sources of 7-12 Saves without ever being the full-time closer.

New York Yankees: Rafael Soriano
Boston Red Sox: Bobby Jenks
Toronto Blue Jays: Jon Rauch, Octavio Dotel
Baltimore Orioles: Koji Uehara
Tampa Bay Rays: Maddon has said he is leaning BBC

Cleveland Indians:
Minnesota Twins: Matt Capps
Kansas City Royals:
Chicago White Sox: Chris Sale
Detroit Tigers:

Los Angeles Angels: Scott Downs, Hasinori Takahashi
Oakland A's: Brien Fuentes
Seattle Mariners: David Aardsma
Texas Rangers:

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