Monday, February 21, 2011 - If Sleepers Existed Part 2 - If Sleepers Existed Part 2:

"Evan Meek, Pittsburgh: Look at how good he was in 70 games last year and realize that even with no more than average control, the rest of his game is good enough to be just about anyone's closer let alone Pittsburgh's. We recognize that Joel Hanrahan goes into the spring with a virtually equal chance to emerge as the closer and both Meek and Hanrahan will probably both set career-high saves marks in 2011. We're still pretty sure that Meek is already the better pitcher, so much more than Hanrahan that no matter who wins the battle this spring, we expect Meek will be the closer by the end of the season. His other numbers will be good enough to help a fantasy team even while everyone's waiting for that to happen."

I have him at $10. That is somewhat steep for a back-up closer but I want to protect him.


Anonymous said...

Eric-Ray here. Opinion on keeping Jansen at $10.

IMHO said...

Likely not. Hes behind Broxton and Kuo. Chase him at the draft for a fistful of dollars though