Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fantasy Sleeper NL-Only



Ian Desmond: This is a true boom-or-bust pick that doesn’t need to be made unless we’re talking a really deep league. With the Kennedy signing, Desmond essentially lost his value as a starter and may not even break the year with the big club. That’s the downside that will depress his price. The upside is that Nationals coach John Riggleman has discussed using Desmond in a utility role to get his bat in the lineup. Desmond flashed some power in a 20-game stint at the end of last season and is the future for the club at the SS position for those in keeper leagues. He has the upside to provide double-digit power with multi-position eligibility with the downside of not having a roster spot."

Lasy year, Ron Shandler broke out the two year keeper league plan. Essentially, punting the upcoming season for the following one. Love Desmond in that strategy.


Anonymous said...

Ray here-I paid $30 for that info!!!!! :)

IMHO said...

Should have subscribed to the podcast. it'd have cost nothing

Anonymous said...

Ray-was joshing....a play on the FT reader complaining about me posting stuff from Shandler's book. Did you see that back and forth on FT?

IMHO said...

Wow. Just read the thread. Certainly sounds like someone from BBHQ or someone who thinks he is championing BBHQ.