Tuesday, February 02, 2010

WTF Oakland A's

From Buster Olney:

"To be clear, Oakland's interest in Taveras was only in that he became a vehicle for adding the versatile Adam Rosales. What the Athletics did, in essence, was buy Rosales for $1.3 million -- the difference in the salaries between Taveras and Aaron Miles -- in order to have a cheap, experienced utility guy. Keep in mind that earlier in the offseason, the Reds had made multi-year offers to Jamey Carroll for much more than what they paid to get Rosales."

Actually, the math is wrong. Adam Rosales will earn the major league minimum so the Genius Formerly Known As Billy Beane paid $1.3Mm plus $400K for him.

With an OBP nearly 100 points higher than his AVG, Rosales looks decent. Of course, his AVG was .213.....

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