Saturday, February 06, 2010

Keith Law on Orlando Hudson's Speed

MLB - Keith Law: Orlando Hudson another upgrade for the Minnesota Twins - ESPN:

"...since I saw Hudson a lot when we were both in Toronto, and he was never a plus runner, stealing 19 bases in three and a half years -- yet when he was on first base, pitchers would throw over to hold him with absurd frequency. And from talking to people with Arizona, I know they noticed the same phenomenon when Hudson played there. Unfortunately, I think the cause here is that Hudson looks the part of a speedy, low-power middle infielder, and scouts and coaches are making assumptions that just don't bear out in reality. He's not fast, he's never been fast, and anyone who files a report on him with a grade of 50 (average) or better for his running speed has made a bad evaluation."

Fantasy players would have been better of with the 20+ SB potential of Alexi Casilla.

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