Thursday, February 18, 2010

On Mat Gamel: Baseball America's John Manuel

Chat: Chat with Baseball America's John Manuel - SportsNation - ESPN

"Linton (Fredericton, NB) Do you still consider Mat Gamel a "prospect?"

John Manuel (2:03 PM) One more from New Brunswick, why not? The whole province is under its quota . . . We do because he hasn't surpassed 130 ABs as a big leaguer yet. His star has dimmed somewhat because he's not even an average defender, so his bat has to be fairly special. It seemed on its way to being that kind of a bat in 2008 but less so in '09. If he shows some improvement at 3B, though, it wouldn't shock me at all if he beat out Casey McGehee and got time at 3B for the Brewers this season."

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Anonymous said...

Ray here-I saw that....can see that happening, and can make a case that they play him more to see if he has the bat to replace Prince should they decide to deal him.