Saturday, May 08, 2010

Untradeable Players

Fantasy Baseball - Javier Vazquez heads list of players who shouldn't be traded right now - ESPN:

"I watch every game the team plays, have seen Lidge pitch in person and on TV, and I still don't know for sure. Every pitch he throws is analyzed so closely in an effort to prove he's either back … or belongs on the DL or in Double-A. Ryan Madson's injury accelerates the need for Lidge to return to normal, but I also think Jose Contreras has earned the right for ninth-inning work because he hasn't walked anyone all season but has 14 strikeouts and is overpowering hitters. Persuading a fellow owner to trade for Lidge, following his historically bad 2009 season (worst ever for a closer), is certainly a challenge."

I took Karabell to town a day or so ago. Now I praise him for an excellent idea.

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