Thursday, July 01, 2010

MLB Trade Rumors: Atltanta Braves

Chat: Chat with Keith Law - SportsNation - ESPN:

"Jeff (Detroit) I've read the Braves are dangling Mike Minor as a potential trade chip in a deadline deal. What is his ceiling? Thanks.

Klaw (1:14 PM) I certainly would - he's outperforming expectations and showing unusually high velocity. Even if you liked Minor coming into the year, in the back of your mind there must be a small 'sell high' sentiment. He's not as good as their top 3 guys (including Vizcaino, if healthy) anyway, so it wouldn't make a terrible dent in their pitching inventory."

I'd think Minor would be the top pitching prospect being offered. The question is how great a major leaguer the Braves would expect for that relative ranking.

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