Tuesday, July 06, 2010

MLB Trade Rumors: Cliff Lee & Perspective

Mariners Blog | Dismal clubhouse mood after latest defeat, but Felix Hernandez looks poised for another Cy Young challenge | Seattle Times Newspaper

"For those now advocating, more and more, that Seattle hang on to Lee and take the draft picks, are you nuts? That's what losing teams in losing cities do. Take the picks now and, if the Yankees sign Lee, you'll probably get the 30th overall pick for him next June -- 11 months from now. After that, you face at least three more years (at least four in total from today) for that barely first-rounder to maybe mature into something.

You might not like what the Twins, or whatever other team, is offering up right now, but it's better than waiting four or five years on a crapshoot. That's how rebuilding plans go on and on forever. Like they do in towns that never win anything. Like this one. If this city is ever going to win anything in baseball that matters, the guys running this team are going to have to get deals like this done.

The Mariners took the two draft picks for Raul Ibanez two years ago. They got Nick Franklin with one and he's progressing well as a minor league shortstop. Won't be here until at least 2012, though, if then. Steven Baron? He got demoted back to rookie level ball in Everett recently. You never know with draft picks, no matter how high."

Well said!

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