Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2010 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft With 4th Pick

Player Team Acquired
3B Alex Rodriguez NYY R1
SS Troy Tulowitzki COL R2
C Brian McCann ATL R3
2B Ben Zobrist TB R4
3B Pablo Sandoval SF R5
OF Carlos Beltran NYM R6
SP Chris Carpenter STL R7
1B Derrek Lee CHC R8
C Matt Wieters BAL R9
RP Ryan Franklin STL R10
RP Brian Wilson SF R11
OF Juan Rivera ANA R12
OF Jermaine Dye CHW R13
SP Neftali Feliz TEX R14
RP David Price TB R15
OF Franklin Gutierrez SEA R16
OF Dexter Fowler COL R17
SP Mark Buehrle CHW R18
SS Everth Cabrera SD R19
SP Stephen Strasburg FA R20
RP Billy Wagner NYM R21
OF Kyle Blanks SD R22
SP Derek Holland TEX R23


JR Ewing said...

Wow insane amounts of risk there. Tulo in the 2nd, Zobrist in the 4th, Sandoval in the 5th, Beltran coming off major injury in the 6th and the oft-injured Carpenter in the 7th?

Not criticizing any of those individually but all of them together spells trouble. You've got Arod and a catcher and besides that you have no "for-sure" players at all. The odds of any 2-3 of your top 7 round picks under performing where you picked them (due to missing substantial time and/or just under performing) is pretty high. 2-3 complete misses with high picks like that kills your team.

Just too much risk in this draft.

IMHO said...

It may seem that way. A look at positions and established All-Star performers will make you change your mind.

Anonymous said...

Your team is pretty bad man. You somehow managed to draft a team that lacks both speed and power. You drafter 2 catchers in the first 10 rounds which is a HUGE no-no. I like Carpenter, but the rest of your pitching is atrocious. I mean Mark Buhrle is your 2nd best starter. Instead of drafting Weiters you could have gotten a lot more value in a middle tier starting pitcher. Terrible team...

IMHO said...

Disagree on the power. Since drafting this team, Carlos Beltran has played himself out of a mixed league job and Jermaine Dye's continued unemployment would have ended with a different pick.