Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fantasy Baseball 2010: Fantasy Catcher Tiers From Baseball HQ

Courtesy of Baseball HQ:

"We could debate Joe Mauer (C, MIN) in Round 1 forever. He's worth it, but what a huge risk building your team on a catcher. With Pittsburgh's unsettled catching and first base situations, Ryan Doumit (C, PIT) seems a great buy-low candidate. He possesses all the skills and is now healthy. With an ADP of 205, you should be able to nab him about twenty spots earlier and get solid value. Mike Napoli (C, LAA) again seems reasonably priced behind light-hitting Jeff Mathis (C, LA) and the DH opportunities potentially available for the Angels. In the end game, Nick Hundley (C, SD) and John Buck (C, TOR) seem to feature the most profit potential."

I disagree on the adage "You can't win your league in the first few rounds, but you can lose it." I'd take Mauer in the 2nd half of the 1st round, but may begin to adjust to his ADP and hope to get him coming back in the 2nd.


Buckskin Fringe said...

taking a catcher in round one is beyond silly. Remember that Mauer will begin home games in April. In Minnesota. I foresee many 38 degree night games. I think waiting for Suzuki is sounding better all the time. That's Sam Beckett, not Josh BTW.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, b ut I don't see all that much difference in value between middle 1st round and end of 2nd round. Why not take the 20/90/.300 player at a scarce position?