Friday, January 29, 2010

MLB Trade Rumors: Jayson Stark on Johnny Damon

Jayson Stark of

"The club that other teams think makes the most sense -- Detroit -- just doesn't seem all that interested. The Reds? They've been focused on their infield, not their outfield. The Braves? We hear they haven't talked to Scott Boras about Damon in a month and a half. The Rays? They've checked in, but they have pretty much no money to play with -- which isn't one of Boras' favorite traits in a team. The Blue Jays? Seemed to be mostly tire-kicking. The A's? Maybe -- "but that's a terrible park for him," one AL executive said.

So eventually, Damon is just going to have to figure out where he'd like to be, concede that that big Powerball payday isn't out there this time, and tell his agent to get this done. If the price is right and Damon pretty much comes to them and gift-wraps himself, our guess is that the Rays, Tigers or Braves would find a way to sign him."

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