Sunday, January 31, 2010

Killing Fantasy Sleepers: Colorado Rockies

Renck: Second base is creating some second thoughts - The Denver Post:

"The Rockies have called about Felipe Lopez, who is likely to end up with the Cardinals. They have aggressively pursued Orlando Cabrera, who will land with the Reds as their starting shortstop. And they are a finalist for Melvin Mora, who could wind up in Colorado."

I have kept writing that speedsater Eric Young, Jr. is the sleeper being killed by the 2B free agents, but current Rockies' 2B Clint Barmes did hit 23 HRs - a Top 10 total for 2B.


Anonymous said...

Ray here-not so fast....

Simply put, Barmes has to become less boom-or-bust. He knows this. The Rockies aren't getting Uggla, but they are a finalist for Mora, who could push Barmes. Given Barmes' resiliency, I don't count him out.

But the signs are there. If he struggles, a move will be made, whether it's to Eric Young Jr., Mora or through a trade.

Spring training will be telling for Barmes, EYJr, and whether they make a deal or not.

IMHO said...

With Mora in the fold, I am not so sure he can play adequate defense at 2B to seriously threaten Barmes. EYJr is the odd man out until an OF or Barmes is dealt.

Anonymous said...

yeah, EYJr will start in AAA now.