Monday, May 08, 2006

Closer Inflation

To further follow-up on the trade discussions I had last week, I spoke with another team that has two closers and made one available for hitting as he currently has one point in HR and one in RBI.

He was offered a $28 Geoff Jenkins from the same first place team for his $11 Mike Gonzalez and turned it down because he wanted a cheaper hitter with the same production. In this case, he wanted a $15 Chad Tracy. (I would rate Tracy higher than Jenkins if the salaries were equal.)

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ray g said...

as a comparison, in my 12 team NL only league, I have 3 closers-Valverde, Turnbow and Baez/Gagne(I drafted all closers and MRs), and am willing to trade Valverde and Belhorn for Furcal straight up...basically an offensive upgrade, and the guy declined my offered. So I have added a minor leaguer-Victor Diaz...will see what the outcome is. This league is not an auction/keeper league, just a straight draft so no salaries are involved.