Thursday, May 04, 2006

Price Gouging

There is nothing I find more annoying than owners who try to "gouge" you when you inquire about a trade.

As a free marketer, I believe in the principle of getting what you can. As a practioneer, I can find it aggravating to no end.

I offered Todd Walker for Joe Borowski. A fair offer if you believe, as I do, that Borowski has no chance of finishing the season as a closer, much less the Florida one. That aside, I was ready to improve the Walker side if necessary.

The team with Borowski asked for Chase Utley because Borwski is the closer, and "a closer is a closer" to quote the other owner exactly.

I replied the owner should be aware this is an election year and some politician may accuse him of price gouging.

He answered with Todd Walker and Andy Pettitte for Joe Borowski.

I counseled him to do whatever deal comes along that matches his wants and explained why I thought my offer was fair.

To my shock, the other owner had not thought about the situation in Florida beyond Borowski's current stats.

That explained the seeming idiocy of his counters.


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ray g said...

I hope this isn't in an "experts" league-WOW!!!