Monday, May 01, 2006

SB Totals

When evaluating how you stand with SB and whether or not you need to address them is an important decision especially if you are struggling in Saves.

Examine the players on your team who have stolen bases so far. Are they players likely to steal any more or are they as likely to end the season with the same number they currently have?

Craig Wilson has one SB. He is more likely to finish with one than to swipe one more per month and end with 6.

Jim Endmonds has 2 SB. He is more likely to end with 2 than to end with 12.

Jose Vidro has one SB. See Craig Wilson.

Juna Pierre has 7 SB. He is likely to steal 42+.

And so on.

If you have a lot of the Wilsons, Edmonds, and Vidros, you must recognize that and decide how you will address SBs.

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