Friday, May 12, 2006

Yankees Outfield

Hideki Matsui is done for a long time, and the New York Times is reporting that Gary Sheffield’s wrist may be worse than previously reported.

That makes the Yankees outfield one ugly site. Johnny Damon as the most powerful hitter amongst himself, Bernie Williams, Melky Cabrera, Bubba Crosby and Kevin Reese is not inspiring.

That is a joke. I’d expect Mitch Jones to be recalled by the end of next week and possibly by the end of this weekend if that amalgamation of single-digit HR hitters goes 1-29 or something equally horrific.

Emotions aside, one of those extra outfielders (Cabrera, Reese, Crosby, Jones) is going to emerge as a helpful Roto player.

My guess is Melky Cabrera, but keep an eye on the DH role now that Bernie is likely to become a regular in the OF. This will opens those DH ABs to someone. (Andy Phillips? The aforementioned Mitch Jones?)

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susan mullen said...

Correct--Mitch Jones has just been called up to replace Bubba Crosby who went on the 15 day dl.