Saturday, May 06, 2006

Trade Follow-Up

The Joe Borowski owner I complained about earlier this week did trade the Florida closer to the first place team, who had zero saves and no closer, for JD Drew. (As opposed to me who has zero saves and a closer.)

As another league member said, this trade is great for the second place team.

The league leader weakened the area (hitting) that has carried him to the top of the standings while adding some saves for a few months. (IMO, Borowski will be dealt to a play-off contender in need of relief help.)

What makes this a bad move is not the fact that addressing an area of perceived weakness is a poor strategy, but the fact that the other two teams with 1 or 0 saves have closers, too.

Now that all three Saves bottom feeders have a closer, there is a good chance that no one gains any points despite the presence of a closer because each team can have 3, 2 or 1 points as easily with with one save or two or three or "x" saves.

In order to separate from the pack, a second closer is needed and that is why I was trying to get one. I will continue to do this but the price has to come down from Adam Dunn, Chase utley, and the latest, a $5 Ryan Howard.

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ray g said...

wow!!! your league has a huge premium on closers....amazing. Drew for a half year closer....incredible!!