Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Antonio Perez

In the 2004-5 off-season, the A’s acquired Keith Ginter from the Brewers for Justin Lehr and Nelson Cruz. He had just had a good season in which he hit 19 HRs and drove in 60. This followed a 14/44 campaign in 2003.

After those quality seasons, more of the same was expected in Oakland where he could fill the same utility role. Those expectations were not met as Ginter played his way off out of the major leagues with a .161 AVG and 3 HRs.

I can’t help from experiencing déjà vu all over again this season with Antonio Perez. He came over from the Dodgers in the deal that saw the A’s also get Milton Bradley in exchange for Andre Ethier.

Perez’s throw-in justly brought accolades to Billy Beane from the Rotocommentariat.

Now almost a month into the season, Perez looks like he is following the path Keith Ginter took – quality utility player to scrub. AP is 0-12 with seven strikeouts.

Any glow from his SS-eligibility is long gone and the ghosts of Keith Ginter overshadow all!

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