Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer is batting third for the Twins and hitting over .300. He has one HR.

Last year, he hit 9 HR. He is right on that pace.

In what my be one of the greatest illusions ever executed, Joe Mauer is valued as if he was Mike Piazza circa the 1990s when in fact he is closer to Toby Hall circa now. In fact, way too uncomfortably close!

I wish I could get him at his real value so I could flip him for his perceived value!

The difficulty of that wish is I don’t have a lamp to rub to conjure the genie to grant that wish! Nobody makes Mauer available at a price that reflects his actual performance!

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savethejellyfish said...

I don't think Mauer is an illusion, he's just a work in progress. I think he'll probably develop power eventually, so in my OPS-driven keeper league, I'm holding onto him with a vise grip. I wouldn't draft him in a year-by-year 5x5 league though - Barrett and Willingham were the guys I targeted there.