Thursday, April 20, 2006

Los Angeles Dodgers

Danys Baez comes in in the 8th inning to close out last night's game against the Cubs because manager Grady Little has no confidence in any other relievers on the roster except for recent call-up, , who was used for two innings the night before and unavailable.

This is going to get ugly very quickly for the Dodgers. They're hitters are going down left and right and their bullpen is apparently in shambles.

It appears to me that the Dodgers will be this year's version of the 2005 Braves - a team breaking in a lot of rookies all at once.

With the current construction of the roster, the Dodgers look to have had this sort of thing in mind over the next two seasons, but that looks to be acceralerated.


savethejellyfish said...

What gives with JD Drew getting days off twice a week? It seems like every other day Jason Repko is subbing for him.

Meatstout said...

just trying to keep him off the dl until early August.