Saturday, April 15, 2006

LaTroy Hawkins

Latroy Hawkins started the 9th inning of a 5-4 game and got the first two outs. With only 1/27th of the game to go before notching his first save as an Oriole, he gives-up a HR to Jeff Mathis to blow the save.

Apparently, the Leo Mazzone magic doesn't work. And that doesn't even include the Nuke McLooshness of Daniel Cabrera.

What the Hell happened with that?

A post on my AL-only league page excoriated the team that protected DC and claimed he wouldn't have come close tot he $10 salary he was protected at. (Mostly because the owner who protected was offering him as if he were a $10 (insert ace here).)

I couldn't disagree more. With the endless accolades and sleeper touting of DC in the off-season and Spring training, there is no way he'd have gone for less. None. I think he'd have gone for the same as AJ Burnett did - $19.

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