Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Howie Kendrick

The Angels recalled Howie Kendrick. This puts a damper somewhat on the opportunities for Reggie Willets to establish himself as a source of cheap steals as Kendrick should get the DH ABs that went to Juan Rivera.

With Adam Kennedy stinging the ball this season, back-up OF ABs could go to Chone Figgins with Kendrick taking a groundball or two at 3B. This scenario would also cut off opportunities for Willets.

The one caveat with Figgins-as-back-up-OF is Macier Izturis backed-up SS. With Kendrick not capable of doing that, Figgins may be the first choice to back-up at SS. (And obtain the most desirous SS-eligibility in my league!). Kendrick would still get 3B ABs and Kennedy his 2B ones, but Willets would be free to gather any OF ones available with Figgins at SS.

Either way, Kendrick is going to play and the fact he was recalled also signals Izturis’s hamstring injury is going to take longer than 15 days to heal.

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