Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jeremy Hermida

The Marlins placed Jeremy Hermida on the 15-day DL with a hip injury. The injury does not seem serious so I would expect him back at the end of the month.

That will not leave him much time to lose his frontrunner spot as the Biggest Disappointment of the Month Award though.

No HRs I can understand, but no RBIs?!?! But he did have a +.400 OBP! Whoop-de-damn-do.

Fortunately for Roto teams, the injury occurred early in the season and gives the opportunity to grab a player from the pool. At this time of year, jobs are still unsettled and players who won them based on good springs are nearing the end of the leash if they started off poorly.

Unless there is an everyday starter in the pool, holding off replacing him is a wise move. There should be a new Dodger starter recalled from the minors any day now, right?

(And even more "fortunate" for me, I have open rosters spots with Diaz being sent down, Hermida DL-ed and Carlos Martinez also going on the DL.)

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Marcus said...

perfect time to grab Ryan Church!